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  1. Thank you for the link linus. Those images will come in handy. Today's work on the Spit.
  2. Thank you Bruce. I'll pick that book up.
  3. Anyway here is today's progress. I think I've done well. I've noticed that I've painted the seat red (that's what you get before looking at Edgar's email. But other than that I'm happy with it. What I'll do next time is wait for Edgar's advice before proceeding any further. My late Dad always used to tell me not to be too hasty. As it's in BoB era fit with armour plate and reflector gunsight, I'll probably now do the BoB one.
  4. Last night's and today's progress on the Spitfire's cockpit so far! I've used a mix of Eduard and kit items. A bit more done. I think it looks ok.
  5. As the title suggests I'm building Spitfire's in 1/48 scale starting with an Mk.1. The first on to the bench is this: The contents: And some AM stuff: This one will be from 19 Sqdn at Duxford in 1938.
  6. Hi guys. Currently building an A-10 (the Mongram kit). And want to do it from the '90's era. My question is would the A-10 have the slime lights above the fuselage, on the fuselage and wing tips? And if not when would it have had them? As I said probably a stupid question.
  7. Hi guys. I'm looking to start my Revell NH90 TTH very soon. And I'd like the Humbrol matches to the colors, as I'm not very good at mixing the colours as Revell tell you to. Oops it's going to be Finnish Army one. TIA
  8. I finished this back in November. And I forgot to post it here. It's built OOB, and brush painted. I've also added some battle damage, but didn't want to go too far for fear of ruining it. Anyway onto the pics.
  9. Sorry for my late reply. Yes I would like the decals if you still have them.
  10. Thank you guys. The reason I asked was that I'm building the Revell B-17F, and the wing looks identical to the G wing. And I thought the wings were different.
  11. Firstly did the wing on the B-17F and G differ? And how would you know if the "Tokyo tanks" were installed?
  12. Ok guys I'm building the VF-213's F-14D Bu No.164602. And I'm looking for the match of the Blue used on the skunk stripe as Hasegawa would have you mix it. And I was wondering if it's available straight out the jar or bottle. I was going to use Tamiya X-14, but I don't think it's right. TIA.
  13. B-17F "Fort Alamo II". If anyone has some decals for this particular bird. And doesn't want them please get in touch. Thank you :)
  14. Thank you for taking that giant leap for mankind Mr Armstrong. Blue skies Sir!
  15. Thank you for the comments guys. I hope Boba's turns out as well, or better than Jango's
  16. As always OOB, and hand brushed.
  17. Nice build, and a cool colour scheme too!
  18. All OOB, and all brush painted. I still have the Boba Fett version to do soon.
  19. Some more of my Spitfire shots.Not of very good quality, they're just record shots.
  20. I can't forget this being half Canadian so I'd like to wish all my Canadian Friends and Family a very happy Canada Day. "Ad Mari Usque Mare"
  21. My one and only Korean War model so far. It's the Italeri F4U-5N BuNo 124453, which was Guy "Lucky Pierre" Bordelon's aircraft. The aircraft flew from the airfield K-6 from USS Princeton.
  22. Thank you that's a great help.
  23. Hi everyone. I hope you're all well? I'm currently building the above bird from the Hasegawa 1/72 kit. All I know about her was that she was the D model built. And was wondering if being a test bird if she ever carried LANTIRN? And bomb racks on her AIM-54 pallets? TIA Cheers Darren
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