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  1. Sorry guys. Pics are back up.
  2. I finished this a few months ago now. But I forgot to post it here. It's not much, but I like it.
  3. That's a beautiful Lightning mate. I hope your friend was pleased with it?
  4. Ok this will be my first Canadian themed project of the year. It will be a Green CF-104G. Now the green I want to use is FS 34079 is this right?
  5. Hi Don. I use acrylics. And XF-5 I've run out of. So next pay day I'll get myself a few jars. And I notice that Humbrol's equivalent is 102 Army Green. Which I think I have.
  6. Thanx Don. I seem to remember my late Dad building "A Bit O' Lace" from the Airfix kit many years ago. And he used a USN Green. But I can't remember the shade of Green :(
  7. This is how she looks at the moment. To say I'm fed up is an understatement. I could try painting them on.
  8. I could try and paint them Oliver. Do you know what colour they were? I have plenty of Medium Green. But that doesn't match the colour of the bands. I'm going to put this model away for a while, until I can figure something out.
  9. Well started putting the decals on. And disaster the two Green bands broke up as soon as hitting the water. So next week I'm going to order a different sheet. I've never had this problem with Lifelike Decals before.
  10. And the crank cases have been painted, and will be installed tomorrow.
  11. Thanx Oliver. Right today's progress on the engines and wings. I'll let the pics do the talking. I just have to add the crank cases and cowlings, and the wings are done ready for painting. Thanx for looking. Cheers Daz
  12. Hi Oliver I'm aiming to get the decals on the fuselage this weekend. Then I can concentrate on getting the wings painted before adding the decals to them, and then weathering the wings.
  13. So bringing this thread up-to-date. I've finally finished the Yellow tail feathers. I'll install the elevators and rudder once the decalling has been completed. Now to concentrate on the wings. I'll be back later :)
  14. Ok so not much to report on this. The winch cable has been installed. And the chassis has been weathered.
  15. Some progress on the 8t over the past few days. And the winch has been installed.
  16. Ok so the main fuselage is all painted, and now I've made a start on the horizontal stabilisers.
  17. Playing around with some colour variation on different panels. Probably not accurate for "Miss Lace", but I'm having fun with her.
  18. Work continues on the 8t. And the suspension has been installed to the chassis. As have the air tanks.
  19. Well work continues on "Miss Lace". And today the fuselage became one. Tomorrow I'll start on the wings.
  20. So yesterday I wasn't feeling well. So I decided to slap some paint on the 8t.
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