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  1. Not been feeling well today. So just installed the rear gun position (which was finished earlier in the week), and the waist gun ammo boxes and feeds:
  2. So more chassis work on the 8 tonner. And this should be ready for paint soon. And I started on the front bogie too! So today's progress on the 8t. And I concentrated on the driver/crew compartment today: I'll be slapping some paint on it tomorrow.
  3. Ok so today's progress on "Miss Lace" The flight deck is done: And I've also been working on more of the radio room: More soon
  4. This is last night's work. Radios and transmitters and receivers fitted to one bulkhead, and drybrushed to bring out the detail: Stencils added to the flight deck door: And I started on the radio room floor:
  5. So another update on "Miss Lace". This is from last night. The bomb bay is complete, And I've started on the radio room. More later
  6. Some more chassis work this afternoon:
  7. And the last ones. Hasegawa Lanc 464 Provisioning: And my last and most recent. Revell Fw P VII Flitzer: So that's my year. I'm looking forward to next year.
  8. Tamiya Spitfire Mk I. Built for my Brother: Dragon 1/35th Sd.Kfz 7 Initial Production: Matchbox Lanc:
  9. Fine Molds Y-Wing: Fine Molds TIE's: Mako Sws: Hobbyboss MiG-3 and YaK-3: Academy Fw-190 D9: Airfix Fairey Battle:
  10. Another Dragon Panther: Italeri Ford M8: Airfix CCKW 353: Airfix SHAR: Revell Sd.Kfz 9 FAMO:
  11. Caesar Miniatures Sd.Kfz.10: Revell B-17G: Dragon PzKpfw Panther:
  12. Ok so here we have my output for this year. Not much, but I'm happy with 'em. Revell Lanc painted as Australian Prototype Airfix Lancaster as a 419 Sqdn aircraft: Revell Lancaster painted as a 625 Sqdn aircraft: Revell Sd.Kfz 251/1 Ausf C:
  13. Looking good so far Oliver. Keep up the great work!
  14. Thanx Oliver. Yes the pdf was very helpful.
  15. Right this is this afternoon's progress. And I've repainted the bomb bay bulkheads, catwalk and racks corresponding to pictures: Now the flight deck, and navigator's bomb aimer's positions. Painted brown to represent the wood floors:
  16. Thanx Olivier that shows the racks to be Interior Green, most of the images I've seen they are Aluminium. I'm confused now lol.
  17. So progress on "Lace" continues. Does anyone know what kind of bombs these are? I'm guessing 500Ib and 250Ib. And would they have coloured stripes around the nose? I'm sure the fort could carry more than four bombs I'll have to hunt for those I didn't use from the previous build.
  18. This evening's work as the B-17 was drying. I've installed some bits for the sprocket wheels.
  19. So this is this afternoon's/evening work so far:
  20. Thank you I built one last year as "Tondalayo". I'm using Lifelike decals.
  21. Ok at the same time as building a B-17. I'm also building one of these. I built the Initial Production one late last year. So I grabbed this to sit alongside it.
  22. Here's my latest on the bench: It will be built OOB, and as the title suggests as "A Bit O' Lace". Which was my late Dad's all-time favourite B-17G.
  23. Some more. Agusta/Westland Apache AH.Mk 1: Hughes AH-64A Apache: Sikorsky CH-53G: Sikorsky MH-53: Agusta/Westland Merlin HM.1: Agusta/Westland Merlin HC.3: Westland Wasp:
  24. Some more of mine I found on Photobucket. Aerospatiale SA342 Gazelle: Eurocopter EC-135: Aerospatiale AS355F1 Ecureuil II: Aerospatiale SA330 Puma: Boeing Chinook: MiL Mi-24: Westland Lynx: Westland Lynx HMA.8: Westland Lynx Mk 90B:
  25. Here are my B-17 shots. Biggin Hill 1988: Biggin Hill 2010:
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