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  1. Sorry I've been away. Am I right in thinking I won something?
  2. Take care Mark. And I wish you all the best for the future. And thank you for a brilliant GB. I'm sorry I didn't get my second entry done in time. But I found it hard getting the Revell kit in my local Model store. But today I finally got one albeit late for this GB.
  3. Cessna 152 Rochester Airport Kent, UK September, 2011: Cessna 152 Rochester Airport Kent, UK September, 2011: Cessna 150L Rochester Airport Kent, UK September, 2011: Cessna 152 Rochester Airport Kent, UK September, 2011: Cessna 172 Skyhawk Rochester Airport Kent, UK October 1, 2011:
  4. Thanx for the prompt replies. Chip #24 looks a bit like Light Aircraft Gray. I wonder?
  5. Does anyone know the correct Gray applied on the undersides of the post-war RCAF Rescue Lancs? The references I have just say LIght Gray.
  6. Fantastic work! You had me fooled I thought I was looking at the real Hawk!
  7. My condolences to the rest of the team, family and friends. Blue Skies Flt Lt. Jon Egging, and thank you sir for entertaining us so well!
  8. Some decals from Canada for CAF CF-104's :wub:
  9. Hi guys I was given this: But the previous owner has lost the decals. Does anyone have the decals? Or know where I can get them?
  10. And here's one of mine of the Lanc at Margate last weekend:
  11. Here's some nice nose art seen on a YaK 18 tourer:
  12. A few Helicopter shots from my local: First up a Rotorway Executive: And a Robinson R44:
  13. Both of these are by Hobby Boss, and were built as part of my ongoing Eastern Front theme. The MiG-3 is in the early war scheme of Dark Green with pale blue undersides. The YaK-3 wears the late war scheme of mid-grey with a dark grey disruptive pattern. You can see more on my Blog here
  14. Hi guys probably a long shot. I'm looking for VF-111 "Miss Molly" decals? As I want to do her for the Sharkmouth GB.
  15. Hi guys does anyone know if "A Bit O' Lace" had the staggered waist positions or not? TIA
  16. Yup I'll be building another Fort in the near future as soon as funds allow. And my next one will probably "A Bit O' Lace"
  17. Could I join in with a Hasegawa F-14A in VF-111 markings please? And I may include a 1/144 F-14D in VF-101 markings too.
  18. I built an overall Black so mine was different But I do an NMF one next, if "Bit O' Lace" didn't have staggered waist positions. :)
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