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  1. "walk on water"? yes, on occasion.do I know thou?
  2. That Id like to see, just the blades. My unit transitioned from Hueys to Blackhawks when i was in the service but I didnt pay too much attention as they were merely taxis for us.
  3. Thank you for this! I haven't built a Dragon but they look like where i'm headed. Ive never heard of Nichimo but I am an ebayer and will check that out. Ive made it a point to finish the HH60 by Christmas so that may be my next build. If it weren't for this forum I would have given up on aircraft altogether because of my experience with this KH kit. So I will try again. When I opened the KH HH60 i was overwhelmed with excitement because of the detail. If they ever get the instructions locked in I will probably buy another, but it really dealt a blow to my confidence, and i'm not too happy on
  4. As big as I can within reason. I like anything bigger than 1/48. Remember Im an amateur.
  5. Thanks for the response, the part when it says "great care" makes me nervous but ill try it. First im going to see how they lay without any mods. While I got ya, will you recommend a good Hughes 500 kit?
  6. So, I am a relative amateur here, and if this topic has been covered please let me know. Im looking for a safe, effective way to create the sag in the rotors of a a parked pave hawk. Last time I tried some "heat treating", it was over my toaster and I ruined a freaken tank! Also, for extra credit, are the rotors manufactured in Stratford at the plant? Or are they a Hamilton Standard or P&W product? Yes I live in CT.
  7. Yes! E9 was for the ITV, Before the Bradleys. I found an M901 Revel kit from Germany. it came out pretty bad so I wont post any pics.
  8. Totally agree here. 82nd was/is the "PD of the Prez" and Ft Bragg was/is America's 911 response. Unless its a fluff or p.r. job, small Army units are always there first, (before the press). 11HE9 here 83-87.
  9. I just sent sophialynm@gmail.com an email. I will get some pics out shortly. Its sad but youll get the jist.
  10. Just because you replied, I will not throw out the baby with the bathwater. I will give KH another chance. I may reach out to KH indeed, however I was able to get the fuselage halves together with a little putty. My big issue was building the engine compartment! The directions were way off and once they were glued together (too early in the process) I had to gut them, put the lids on and move on. I was greatly disappointed. Now im in salvage mode just to make it look decent. A shame because i went all out on the interior and the cockpit.
  11. Do not buy the Kitty Hawk HH60 unless you are a master scratch builder! instructions were all effed up and hull pieces dont line up at all. My daughters bought this for me as a gift, my first KH but it will be my last. Back to Tamiya exclusively...if they dont make something then I dont build it. My skill level?, between "advanced amateur" and mid- level. I joined this forum just to warn you. (but its a cool forum so ill stay)
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