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  1. Scale is 1/35 Thanks for your time
  2. Well, few years ago I found a photo that captured me ... After some research I found out the story of this tank ... It belonged to 5 th. (verstarkte) Police-Panzer-Company, an armored police unit (OrdnungsPolizei), mostly equipped with a T-34/76, which operated in Russia from 1942. It was reformed during spring 1944 when it also received T-34-76 model 43. In the summer of 1944 the unit was transfered to Udine ( Italy) where it operated in the OZAK (Operatioszone Adriatisches Kùstenland - Adriatic Coastal Operation Zone) in the period July ’44 - May ’45. A
  3. A couple of yugoslav Sabres in the '70s .... Decals are homework; cockpits, air brake interior (one plane), ladders, APU and figures also 8-) Trumpeter 1/144 Thanks for your time
  4. croato

    P-47 D

    If you remember, on May 27, 2016, during an exhibition in New York, a Republic P-47D-40-RA Thunderbolt "Jackey's Revenge" (s / n 44-90447) crashed into the Hudson River. Unfortunately, the pilot was killed. Few people know that the same plane, but with the number 13012 flew in the Yugoslav skies. One of the 133 last fighter piston aircraft in JRV ( Jugoslovensko Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo - Yugoslav Air Forces) ... According to drawings from the magazine AEROPLAN 4/89, it is stated that the remains of American marks and numbers could be seen on some planes under the Yugoslav markings . Never fou
  5. Figure is 1/35 ( Zvezda I think), More than on figure I was focused on the base I don't like aftermarket things so, whenever I can, I do some homework ... Thanks for your time ( sorry, but it won't be payed)
  6. Recently I made Roden's C-47 in Yugoslav markings. This one represents DACoTA ( Douglas Aircraft COmpany Transport Aircraft ) C-47 B-10-DK produced in Oklahoma City ( c/n 14811/26254), ex USAF 43-48995/ex RAF KJ 964, received in JRV at march 25. 1954 and registered with number 7325. Since 1968 this aircraft is re-registered in 71216 and was located at Zagreb's Pleso airport. As my mind left me many years ago, I wanted to do it with the cargo door open. Here are some photos ... As you c
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