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  1. @Cat Barf, decals are from Eduard Draken limited edition kit.
  2. Hi. The first completed model in almost a year. Draken in the colors of the Austrian Air Force. The model is made of the well-known Hasegawa kit. From the Eduard limited edition kit, I added decals and some distinctive parts. Model painted with Tamiya, Gunze and AK Xtreme metal paints. Details painted with Vallejo and Model master paints with a brush. Weathering made with oil paints for artists.
  3. Hi, my girst post here. I am presenting my last completed model. This is F-22 Raptor from Academy in 1/72 scale. Model painted with Tamiya, Gunze, AK Xtreme metalm MRP int paints and Vellejo and Model master with brush. A very enjoyable work, I didn't have much trouble.
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