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  1. You can do it in a number of ways, I tried emboss at first but the resulting geometry was "non-manifold" and that in turn meant it likely would not 3D print. Ultimately settled on constructing the basic shape of the nozzle segment using 3D sketching, loft and extrusion (1). I then "cut" the detail midway thru the shape (2) and then used rectangular pattern to reproduce it (3) as shown below: Hope it helps!
  2. All too predictably the most challenging part of this project has been the F100's variable geometry exhaust nozzle...
  3. Yeah, that's Autodesk Fusion 360. Printer is the LONGER 3D Orange 10
  4. Hello all, Currently working on a GWH 1/72 F-15C. Excellent kit with lots of details and great fit but as it appears customary in this scale GWH choose to model "cropped intakes" that are completely inaccurate. So I took it upon myself to design proper intakes and 3D Printed them. Here are the results: I am now working to perfect these and since my intent is to model an open engine bay I'm tackling next a complete 3D Printed F100-220E... 😎
  5. I wonder what 3D printers they use. The detail on their 1/72 F-15 exhaust nozzle set is mind-boggling!
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