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  1. Thank you dear friend.So, only USAF can be made.
  2. Hello friends, I just got Zoukei Mura F-4E Early 1/48 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zoukei-mura-sws48-10-f-4e-phantom-ii--1180315, and I wonder can I make an Iranian bird,OOB? Because I have seen these DXM Decals https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/oydzgtag5oo662w1iunf.html which are in preorder at HobbyEasy,and I wondered can I use them to make that model kit? Thank you friends.
  3. Ok,so it can not.Thanks 🙂
  4. I got this kit as a gift my friend. You can not chose what someone want to give you as a present :-), and that you dont know will he bring you that present,because that present is surprise.That is the reason why I ask this,this way :-), I hope that picture is clear now.
  5. Hello friends, I just got Hobby Boss kit of A-7A 1/48. This one: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hobbyboss-80342-a-7a-corsair-ii--106758 Question is: Is it posible to make A-7E variant, of the parts from this box? Thanks in advance.
  6. OK, with the elimination system, the unique registrations, which are reserved for airplanes and cannot be assigned double, my research ends like this about airplane 509: RF-81771 is a Su-30SM RF-81772 is a Su-30SM The RF-81773 is a SU-30SM RF-81775 is a Su-57 (511) RF-81776 is a serial SU-57 and was not in Syria, so it did not exist yet The RF-81777 is a mass-produced SU-57 RF-81778 is a serial Su-57 So, RF-81774 is a Su-57 prototype 509. When they came back home from Syria, their numbers reserved for SU-57 planes were taken off and canceled, but si
  7. My bro ,I'm glad that you are fine,and I hope that you will make a lot of models in good health.
  8. No problem my bro , thank you for "Future" and decals for Sr-71 😉
  9. Thank you,it helps a lot that you think that it is number 4 on the end. 🙂
  10. Check this http://su57.mariwoj.pl/su57-index.html
  11. My friend,100% i am sure, i have checked every single detail,and it is 509.It is just added on tails two small dark cammo in square tiny part in rear section.When they applied registration numbers they painted tails like on 511.Did you read page of that e-book that I have posted link?
  12. Yes,for me its also much more interesting to make model kit of an aircraft who have combat expirience.
  13. SO all I need is last number :-)...come on you computer mages do your magic 🙂
  14. Dear friend, Here is the source of information how I get interested for 509 :-)...VERYYYYY interested 🙂 https://books.google.rs/books?id=-f1zEAAAQBAJ&pg=PT100&lpg=PT100&dq=Su-57+511+and+509+in+Syria&source=bl&ots=0uaC5hZOUH&sig=ACfU3U2MMjwFH-tN4-AZs2P9bGKnp3zgfA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjezYCc47n4AhUBy6QKHWJ_ApAQ6AF6BAgDEAM#v=onepage&q=Su-57 511 and 509 in Syria&f=false
  15. I tried, but he doesn't answer. This is uniq paint scheme,and from all my research,I have find out that from the Zvezda box,you can make 509 without any surgery, directly OOB,and all aftermarket sets are made for 509 airframe,that is amazing.
  16. Yes,and that is the most confusing,I have seen that info,and that is the reason why I doubt when people say to me,that this 509 had 4 on the end of the registration. Best thing would be if someone knows and have technology to make this sreenshots more unblury,than everything would be solved in second.
  17. Sure, I will post what I have prepared all for a project just to get home and take a photo of it.But what do you think? Which number is last one ,on the registration?
  18. OK ,i have some progress in research and here what I have find. Since I know that second aircraft from this video is RF-81775, and from this screenshot which my other friends have helped me and talked with me which last number is,I would like to hear your opinion...it will be very important,because as number of people say that is it 4 on the end...well it is most posible that it is truth... Since here is clearly visible that there is no round edges on conture of the number, most logical forme is that it is number 4...but I would like to hear your opinions.Thank you.
  19. Hello my friends, I am trying to finish my research about my project of SU-57 in 1/48 ,and yes I am making Zvezda kit, well with a lot of aftermarket. Anyway, durring my research I have find out that the most interesting subject for me is to make a model kit of an airframe which was in real fight. So I want to make airframe 509 which was in Syria. Now there starts the problem, while these first two Su-57s were in Syria 509 and 511,numbers were removed and they get RF regirstation markings. What is known is that 511 get RF-81775 ,but for my build I chose to make 509, which
  20. Its solved,they have send replacement part After all it worked. 🙂
  21. Also I have heard that there is a lot of people here that they need to contact thier customer service,but they are just ignore them.Also some guy answer on FB but,he only say that he will look in it,and he never do that. I have payed fair for their goods and I want to have what I have paid. I would like that people join with me and that we stop their arogance.They can not ignore us all.Also if we pull all legal rights.
  22. Hello friends, I have buyed GWH Su-27 L4824 1/48,box was unopened,when it came to me there were not ,metal pitot tube,both PE sheets and acetate film.I have spoken with seller about it and he told me that I contact GWH,because he tried and they dont asnwer. Also I have wrote to them and there is no answer for over a two months.I am starting to think that this is some defected series of model packs.So be carefull when you buy this model kit. Also I will sue them becuse they dont answer to me because they are frauds and they sell defected products.Who is with me?
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