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  1. Good sir, this is fantastic.It looks like real one, your work is amasing!
  2. It will be 3D printed :-), case closed 🙂
  3. Thanks to my friend Mike, who suplied me replacement part, admin please delete this post.
  4. Hello, I have buyed Kinetic F/A-18C 1/48, and there was broken canopy, and Kinetic have sent me replacament part, in even worse stage... what is going on with this world? What is the worst part, is that they just put extreeme fragile parts in super small thin carboard box, without any protection.... this is unbelivable. Since there is no help from them, does anyone have made double seater from any of their pack, of F/A-18 in 1/48, and have spare canopy for single seater, I would trade for it.It is urgent.Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you my friend, but they are out of stock in any store that I could get them 🙂 , and that is the reason why I am asking for them here.
  6. I have drawings and measurments, but no one still want to make it, though I have asked some companies,but I am waiting one company from far east, their answer. And that is the main reason why I am after this one.They made it super correct for GWH SMT variant, well it need a few adjustments but that is modeling 🙂
  7. Hello my friends, Does anyone have any decals for French F-8E(FN), in overal dark gray paint scheme, in 1/48 scale,whole set for one aircraft, markings and,stencils? Please pm me, so that we make deal.
  8. Dear brother, I am 15 years on real MiG-29, they are not even close, and that is the reason why I am asking for it.I need it for MiG-29SMT, because SMT have same "BAK", central fuel tank as K/M version.
  9. Hello my friends, I am in need of central fuel tank of new Hobby Boss kit MiG-29K 1/48 ,kit # 81876, with all parts that goes for this central fuel tank, that are in the box, but without stencils, only plastics. I am ready to pay, swap etc... Please pm me, if there is someone who can help.If someone who have this kit will not use central fuel tank,I need it sooooooo much, please lets make some deal. All the best and happy modeling.
  10. Does anyone have to sell this kit in any edition, just to have all parts?
  11. What about new Tamiya F-35B 1/48?Can it be added to this list?
  12. Hello friends, Does Harrier AV-8A, ever had been used in any "live" combat/conflict? I have Kinetics excellent kit in 1/48 scale, and I would like to make that kit with markings from some real missions,if there were any at all. Thanks in advance.
  13. What is interesting more, Mr.Raymond told me that I will recive replacement part for my honest payed model kit, and I dont understand why is hard to tell me when they will send it to me, and why is such a fuzz about their customer support... I realy dont understand , this just kills mojo
  14. Dear Gwen, thank you very much.
  15. Ehehehe, ok.We have this cleared, thanks Gwen 🙂 What about GWH series F-15?I never build one.
  16. I think that we have a winner my friends 🙂
  17. Ok, we have conclusion that most jets that are on this list, is Tamiya 1/48. Viva la Tamiya! 🙂
  18. Brother, about aircraft weapons, trust me, they are all marked.I didn't ask you this because I don't like what you make, I like it a lot, but it would be great to have full kit of specific item with markings that one have.Good luck in future work.
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