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  1. Amen! Raymond has done an incredible job with his team. The line of new F-16's is welcomed by many. Especially the early Vipers are great to have now. Perhaps pre-MLU will follow as well. Tamiya is not doing this, and the Gold-series quality also does not require that anymore.
  2. Excellent, there are many many decal options pre-MLU for Belgian and Dutch colourful tails as well! Will send the info soon!
  3. Perhaps Jetmads picks it up. Tanmodels disappeared (out of business) I heard via DutchDecals.
  4. A very inspiring build Rotorman! It made me visit Adriatic Models website from Giovanni and I wanted to order the HSS-1/S-58 parts for 1.48/1.32 conversion work for the Dutch Navy, but the website does not show the sets anymore. Does anyone know if they're still in business? Emails also unanswered 😞
  5. Let's hope Chris will decide to do another run of this set. I had 2 and sold of one as I only need one. Otherwise I would have offered it. That said: Chris, Zactoman, re-issue the set once more!!
  6. I do think this set is one of the most sought after in the aftermarket. I was fortunate enough to get one once Chris finished it. I hope Zactoman will make a batch again. It is the only option to make an accurately looking profiled SLUF.
  7. Furball probably may re-issue their set and update it to Tamiya's offering
  8. I sadly have to concur. But, I am glad to see the F-4B arriving on the scene of 1/48 scale
  9. Stash reduction. Send me a pm me if interested. First come first served. Shipping 19 euro (track and trace possible, but will be 6 euro additional). Kits go for: * F-14D Tamiya - 1/48: 75 USD (62 Euro) * F-14D AMK - 1/48: 75 USD (62 Euro) * EE Lighting T.4 - 1/48: 42 USD (35 Euro) HTH, Tim
  10. It sure does look the part!! My guess is only an F-4N will follow.
  11. Overtrees left. Available for 10 euro (shipping To be determined (depending on country and wishes)). pm first come first served.
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