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  1. Hi how are you? Regarding what you mention that if a retail person can publish their products on the page, of course, I like to support people who bring out new sets, accessories or tools that help scale modeling , the only requirement is that they be original articles made by them, the mechanics is that they contact me, send me some "IMAGES plus NO PHYSICAL SHOW" of their or their products and some means of contact with them, I make the publication And if any of the people who enter the page are interested in your product and want to acquire it, they can contact the person who sells it direct
  2. Mr. Matt, the confidence I have in all my sets is because I personally make each and every one of the pieces, as well as the molds and casts and if any of the pieces does not go well or with details it goes to the trash can. Regarding what you say about sending them to an expert to review them, could you do me the favor of explaining to me what makes them experts as you say? Finally, I do not give my time and my work and even less to people who only like for free, make sets of other people under the slogan of doing a review of the set, fortunately I do not require people like that to do me a s
  3. As I have said several times, you are free to purchase the sets or not to purchase them, or the other option, if you know so much about each of the devices and nomenclatures, good for you, if you are a very good "modeler" (that being a modeler It really means modeling a scale model from scratch but not just gluing parts and painting them), why don't you make the sets for your models? but you are not willing to pay for them. Luck.
  4. I may not have the correct nomenclatures, since I am more concerned with the detail and that the pieces are exact than a simple nomenclature, so much so that the sets for the Blackhawk can be placed in the Italeri, Revell, Academy or Minicraft kits without No problem and the other brands limit it only to Italeri since they know a difference in dimensions in a section of the model between Italeri and the other brands, I think that you are one of the people who worry that the model box does not show damage without care if the content is good or not, in this aspect of the conversions I am not an
  5. Coming soon in 1/48 by Xtream Modelers Studio, the set is interior and exterior full detail, the page is Xtream Modelers Studio in face
  6. How are you? Of course, in the description of the page it specifies that it brings the transparent piece for the nose, and just as that piece is included, all the interior and exterior pieces are also included to be able to perform from the MH -47G SOAR, even the necessary parts to carry out the last update which is the MH-47G SOAR Block II and can be used in kit A, C and F without any problem, the only difference is that in A and C they would want you the exposed internal ribs and in the F it would be with the canvas with which the interior is covered
  7. It has Xtream Modelers Studio in 1/48, it brings all the interior and exterior fully detailed including the new main rotor blades for the MH-60M and it is for the Italeri, Academy, Revell or Minicraft kits in 1/48
  8. How about Mr. Matt, you can ask for references on the pieces of each set to whom is qualified in the knowledge of each real device, since each piece and each set are made under the support, advice and supervision of great friends from different countries that belong to The armed forces and that operate each apparatus of which the sets are made and if they consider that the price of each set is too high, feel free to be able to acquire them or not, or the other option, they can make them scratch
  9. How about Hawkwrench, maybe you mention that the sets are quite expensive, first we would have to make a comparison against some other brands that only handle 4 pieces of resin for a blackhawk at $ 60 dollars plus shipping, against these sets that give you all the Complete interior and exterior and contain all the necessary parts to make a specific version of Blackhawk that no other brand makes, as well as the sets that are handled for other helicopters in this brand, so what is more expensive for you? But each person has the freedom to buy the set you like, from the brand you like and with wh
  10. Hi Phantom, how are you?, I hope that by the end of the year the set for the CH-47F Chinook is ready, which will contain parts for correction and improvement of the kit both inside and outside including the sand filters.
  11. Hi Matt, how are you?, I'm be in Mexico City
  12. Thanks Matt, how are you?, I'm be in México City
  13. How are you gentlemen, how are you? I see you looking and wondering how the interior and exterior set of the Chinook CH-47G Block II that was sliding Xtream Modelers Studio, I tell you that the molds are ready and the first 5 copies are ready and production continues, we just need to finish the instructions to make it available to you
  14. How about Gentlemen, how are you? I see that you are looking for a conversion for the MH-60M SOAR, in Xtream Modelers Studio the interior and exterior set is next to go on sale, which will include up to the last piece necessary to be able to make that version, you can check the exterior pieces on the xtream modelers studio en face page
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