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  1. I got my order in today to Kursad for 3 sets... with more than one sheet I can make B-52g 57-6480 as "The Big Stick" in European Green or 57-6485 before it was painted and was still a White Belly Buff.
  2. Trooper111

    Zvezda C-130

    Mig-23 Sir, I just found your blurb on ARC about crossdressing a Zvezda/Italeri C-130 into a MC-130e, where you have already made an Italeri MC-130 and you said you had a detail guide you would send to anyone if they asked. I too would love this guide if it's still available. My E-mail is: Usafecm@Yahoo.com Thanx, Trooper
  3. Here are a few more I just found...Not my pictures.
  4. Dutch Sir, I believe that would be where this one (that was at Warner Robins AFB) was moved to. I know 74-2065 was in line to be modified, but I worked on this one at Dyess. One crashed when it rockets fired prematurely, so this is the last survivor.
  5. I have a Su-25ub which I'm in the process of converting into a Su-39. I've been working off & on this kit for about 5 years, with several trips to the shelf of doom. When I started this kit, there wasn't a "dedicated kit" of the Su-39. So slow progress but almost there.
  6. Aircommando sir, I'm not sure about that radar (in real life) but I was ECM for 20 years and can't count how many times I climbed up the crew hatch to check on my guys, only to find them radiating in free space from one or more of the Belly Antennas behind the crew hatch... that's a big No No, but it was done quite often. I also have three girls... so "they got me"...
  7. Hoops Sir, I have two pictures that I took & two pics I found... They are not Ideal, but I don't see anyone else pitching in.
  8. I was able to mount the radar dish in the approximate location earlier this morning, and I could almost hear it scanning back and forth, like it did on the real ones. I think it looks the part and fills the void that is present from the Blackdog resin detail set and lack of a dish. That's all for now... time to go and do work.
  9. A couple more in progress pictures while I think of what to do next with Memphis Belle III First picture is my test slug to get the length of wire curved and fitting correctly. Then I drilled tiny holes into the actual model landing gear and moved the wires over. I'm not going to go crazy on this model but the two hydraulic hoses that run on each bogey is noticeably missing. After that is my attempt at fabricating the radar dish that is obviously missing below all the ECM gear that Blackdog detail set molded. I think they might have used the boneyard as their master b
  10. Thanks Chris. It's been a long yime coming but I'm back at it again. Life events have been satisfied and back to modeling it is. Thanx for the kind words here I appreciate it.
  11. Trooper111


    Modelcollect cant even get a known subject right without the need for a "corrections/replacement part".... I doubt they will get something that will be brand new in shape and form so I'll just stick to what I have and hope for a "Mom & Pop" to make the conversion for the new version of the BUFF.
  12. A bit more today while the kids were playing and my wife is working. I added the UHF antennas on top of the fuselage, The rest of the antennas I had built yesterday plus a couple from today. Last two are of the ALR-20 Scimitar antenna between the front landing gear.
  13. Finally able to get back to B-52g 59-2594 Memphis Belle III as she was just before she departed Eaker AFB, Arkansas in 1992. It's been way too long since I've been able to do anything to this model. I have completed a couple other models between then and now so I mandated this is my "Next up" (Continued Model). I still have a long way to go before I call this one complete but... I've painted the RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) around the ALQ-172 Antennas as it was in real life and began making the ALQ-155 Belly Antennas. Slow process having to make 10
  14. Da Swo, TheI further I get along, the more I'm leaning to the ALCM pylon .... however... Having been PRP certified and know to well about the no lone zone while the plane has nuclear weapons on board... When this model is done... and if I go alcm's, The nose radome will be up, crew entrance door open. If their was that much maintenance needed back in the day, they would have un-cocked the plane...so a little bit of fictitious work going on here but it's easier and will fit sooooo much better than the Monogram pylons onto the AMT wings.
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