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  1. @crackerjazz @Major Walt Thank you for the comments! I am now into gear bays detailing, ladder and then some figures painting for diorama use.
  2. Thank you @markiii. Hi @colargol appreciated for your reply! Look forward to your update.
  3. @aircommando130 @BastianD @Mr.Happy Thank you! @Bendinggrass you can check out my wings progress pix posted in this thread previously. I basically cut out the part for leading edge slat and flap from the top and bottom wing part. I used putty , styrene sheet (from 0.1 to 0.3mm thickness), 1.5mm I-beam styrene as well as lot of sanding to scratch build thinner flap and flap tracks respectively.
  4. Hi all, another round of my BONE building update. Wings assembly - scratch built.
  5. Hi @colargol that is some serious scratchbuilding. Awesome!! Would you know where I can find the video of the B-2A cockpit tour? Would you be adding details to the engine bay? If so I would look forward seeing it!!
  6. Hi all, another round of my BONE building update. Avionics bay- scratch built.
  7. Yea they are at the wing roots for Tejas Navy version. The LCA Airforce version doesnt have one. Thank you for the compliment.
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