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  1. Hey Philip much appreciated for the reach out. But man this one killed me already because of the time I put in. I could only build it once. I am sorry I will have to respectfully decline the request. Sorry!! Mo
  2. Hi colargol, thank you for your reference info! Much appreaciated! Look forward to seeing your finished work!! Oh would you be building the engine compartment as well? Mo
  3. Hi Philip, I spent a long time looking for reference pix and did the 3D modelling. Then I used 3D printer to build the plane. So its a custom built/scratchbuilt craft. Best Mo
  4. Hi Colargol awesome work! The level of details in 1/72 is off the charts! Would you care to share how and where you got those accurate cockpit details? Much appreciated! Best Mo
  5. @crackerjazz @Major Walt Thank you for the comments! I am now into gear bays detailing, ladder and then some figures painting for diorama use.
  6. Thank you @markiii. Hi @colargol appreciated for your reply! Look forward to your update.
  7. @aircommando130 @BastianD @Mr.Happy Thank you! @Bendinggrass you can check out my wings progress pix posted in this thread previously. I basically cut out the part for leading edge slat and flap from the top and bottom wing part. I used putty , styrene sheet (from 0.1 to 0.3mm thickness), 1.5mm I-beam styrene as well as lot of sanding to scratch build thinner flap and flap tracks respectively.
  8. Hi all, another round of my BONE building update. Wings assembly - scratch built.
  9. Hi @colargol that is some serious scratchbuilding. Awesome!! Would you know where I can find the video of the B-2A cockpit tour? Would you be adding details to the engine bay? If so I would look forward seeing it!!
  10. Hi all, another round of my BONE building update. Avionics bay- scratch built.
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