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  1. Thank you! So I wanna do post 2010 or may be earlier is fine. But not 90s. No preference on base. Problem is I couldnt find any available for purchase. Would you happen to know where I can get a set? Caracal's newest one is not coming out any time soon...
  2. Hi all, here are some more pictures of BONE's bomb bay and main wheel scratch built parts. I installed 2x1mm magnets at the center of forward bulkhead and aft bulkhead. So I can swap between the scratch built CWM or CRL modules when they are installed into bomb bay without glue. Scratch built main wheel bay. I used Tamiya PLA paper with thickness from 0.3mm to 1.2mm. As for wheel bay dimension I used Revell 1/48 BONE instruction manual as reference to come up with correct 1/72 size.
  3. Hi there, yea I will be using reg airbrush 0.3 with vallejo paints.
  4. Hi all, here is my 1/72 Revell BONE build in progress. I have done some scratch building on Main Wheel Bay and the Bomb Bays. Started this project a month ago and I hope I can finish it some time later... I did away all the raised panel lines and rebuilt them with 0.15 Tamiya panel engraver. Then added rivets to the panel line. Cut out the original bomb bay for scratch built bomb bay Used reference pix and blueprints found on the web as well as Willy Peeters' B-1B book to scratch build bomb bay and main wheel bay.
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