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  1. I had an EMT off Ebay and very fortunately a tail plane set off an Airfix E3 as spares from the same source
  2. This is from a Combat Conversions set, sent an email about some omitted parts, then one after realising they shouldn't be like that. He wants the kit back in the first instance to swap it...no mention about engines in that email!
  3. How well should the engines fit together? I was just having a quick fiddle before zzz and it looks like they need some work? Has anyone else had a size discrepancy?
  4. https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/mig7445-jet-engines-colours-and-weathering/ What do others think of this brand? it seems to the uninitiated to be a comprehensive system product?
  5. have you motorised it?
  6. Guilty as charged! Thanks for the link for your previous build
  7. OOOOH I *meant* the after market stuff Like Eduard as extra aftermarket, buying a set or a sheet of etches. But yes I guess an aircraft equals one railway vehicle...sort of thing. How was the 507? I had a hand in the 503 from Mike Edge many years ago. I do EM and have P4/S4 stuff to just muddy the pool!
  8. Thanks! I am used to adding bits to kits but this aero stuff the parts are a bit more "complete" I think, in 4mm UK railways there are very few complete kits. with people like etchers offering a variety of parts for one item but rarely sold as a project. Its refreshing getting a box of parts like the Combat Conversion and Flightpath which seem so complete.
  9. Thanks to Covid I got back into doing the odd Aircraft in the last year. I have been unaware of any models over the last ten years or so. My main interest is finescale UK model railways, in October 19 we moved into our new home, the intention was a new hobby room for me, this is very much approaching on the horizon, so Ian will soon have by the year end I will have a 5m x 7.5 m model hobby room self contained, only draw back I have to build it and extension! So the odd Aircraft can occupy me when I have down time during the build. I have been assembling a f
  10. thanks for the heads up
  11. Can I ask re tail planes on the RAF's RIVET JOINT, what tail is best fitted and where are they sourced please?
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