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  1. I really didn't know that Spang birds weren't allowed to fly with live weapons during peacetime. 😮 That explains the lack of pictures on the Internet of planes carrying live weapons. I just bought a F-100D and F-105D with corresponding decals from Spang, so these were also added to my project. Link to my project on Scalemates: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=35910&p=collections&collection=5963 It will be great fun building all of these 13 (!) planes and I will certainly post results here. Just keep in mind that I'm a relaxed builde
  2. Thanks again! Guess I'm also guilty wanting to fully load my models. 😇 I think I will go for the 2 LGB-10's with 3 tanks or a loadout of mk.82's with 2 tanks as the mk.20 loadout is altready reserved for my Spang F-4E. Your help is very much appriciated and answered a lot of my questions.
  3. Thank you very much VADM Fangschleister, this is very helpful information for me indeed! Will lose the SUU-23 on station 5 and I didn't realize that these guns were so unreliable and difficult to use. Now I'm only wondering if I should replace them by an old style fueltank or a MER with ordanance. Some last questions: - What kind of bombs were used on the MER's? I guess 6 mk.82's or 6 mk.20's? - And were these kind of bombs ever used when GBU's were carried? Thanks again!
  4. Thanks! Checked these F-4D building instructions with the content of my F-4C kit, and it is indeed possible to build a complete F-4D from it. 🙂 Stopped looking for another F-4D kit and just ordered another one of these that I will build into a F-4D. Fortunately the F-4C kit comes with a uniform F-4 C/D SEA stencil decal sheet that I can use on my F-4D too. The only thing missing here are the reflective anti-collision stripes, but fortunately these are on my aftermarket decal sheets.
  5. This week I received my Academy 12294 1:48 F-4C "Vietnam War" kit that will be build and convert into a Spangdahlem (E)F-4C Weasel. Besides this F-4C, I'm also planning to build a F-4D and for this I'm looking for an Academy 12300 or 12310 1:48 F-4D kit. However, these are a bit harder to come by, unlike the Academy F-4C. While inspecting the content of this kit, I noticed that a lot of additional parts for other versions are included in the box and I'm wondering if it would be possible to build a F-4D from this kit. It even looks as if a F-4B and F-4J could also be
  6. That is a very nice looking model + stand and thank you for the weapon loadout info! It's allways great to receive confirmation and what a coincidence that I'm planning to build a plane that you actually worked on. 🙂 I have four more additional questions if I may: - Can I assume that my favored loadout of an AN/ALQ-119 (st6), an AN/ASQ-153 (st4), 2 GBU-10's (st2+8), 2 droptanks (st1+9), a SUU-23 (st5) and 2 AIM-7's (st3+7) is realistic if I lose the SUU-23? - Did the F-4D's at Spang ever use the SUU-23 gunpods? - What could/would be carried on station 5 besides
  7. Here's another shot of this bird from a little more back, showing that the GBU I thought that was on the centerline TER is actually on the inner left pylon and the centerline contains 3 LAU3 rocketpods. (Photo credit: Hans de Ree) Unfortunately I was unable to find a picture taken from the front. Looking at more F-4D Airshow static shots aroud that period, It looked like they made it their goal to load as many different weapons onto a plane. 🙂
  8. Yup, that is very true and it sometimes looked like it was a contest to see how much ordnance could be loaded. For me it only provides me with intel about which weapons were in the arsenal and could be used.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up! I think you are right that it propably is a BLU-27 or similar on the centerline and not a GBU. AIM-4's I never considered, because for me they look like toys. 🙂
  10. Here's a F-4D from Hahn during the Open Day at Soesterberg 16-06-1967. (Photo credit: Hans de Ree) Looks like this one is loaded with 2 (likely4) AIM-7's, a SUU-23, 2 BLU-27's and a TER with 3 LAU-3's. Any comments? Note the absence of the nose sensor and old style serial. Looks like Niels is completely right with his statement that the F-4D's would carry anything. 🙂
  11. This is indeed a very interesting looking loadout! I've never seen SUU-7's before. Can't tell for sure, but it looks like there are two Aim-7's on the aft missile wells, a MER with 2 Zuni rocket launchers on the outer left station, a TER with at least 2 Mk.82's (most likely 3) on the right inboard station and on the centerline a MER with what looks a GBU? No ECM pod is mounted on the front right well and I can't really see if a Pave Spike is mounted on the front left well. Also a SUU-23 can be seen on stands in front of the plane, together with 2 other devices I can't identify
  12. Yeah, My thoughts exactly. Will have to buy a set of GBU-10 Paveway I's then. 🙂
  13. Thanks again! Same here with the Paveway designation, but there is however a significant difference between the two variants: Paveway II bombs have pop-out rear wings, as Paveway I examples have not. The GBU-12's carried in the pictures are Paveway I examples, but all the 1:48 GBU-10's and GBU-12's I own are all Paveway II's. Guess I'll have to buy additional Paveway I GBU's. 🙂 Great that the F-4D's from Spang did use the SUU-23 so I will consider this option as well. Thanks for pointing out the SUU-21A, because I had no clue what it was. As it is no "real" we
  14. Thank you very much! It looks that the F-4D in the top picture is indeed carrying a AN/ASQ-153 Pave Spike Laser Designator Pod on the forward left missile well. I found a very interesting picture of a F-4D from the 8TFW carrying a GBU-12D, AN/ALQ-119, AN/ASQ-153, and a SUU-23 at the same time. It also carries something else on the right inboard pylon that looks like a camera/rocketpod, but I'm not sure what it is exactly. Also found a picture dated 1977 showing a Woodbridge F-4D carrying a Pave Knife, Paveway I and Gun Pod, so I recon it was possible for Europe based
  15. For my 1:48 scale Spangdahlem Heritage project, I'm planning to build an (E)F-4C and F-4D. To build the (E)F-C Weasel, I've ordered an Academy F-4C and the GT Resin 48008 F-4C Weasel conversion Set. I've also allready accuired the AirDOC M48-03 USAFE Phantoms in Germany Early Markings to build the 63-7440/SP as shown on the picture below. The typical loadout for these birds was an ALQ-87/ALQ119, 2 AGM-45's, 3 AIM-7's and 2 droptanks and I will build it like that. For the F-4D I'd like to build an example with the black serial presentation as shown on the other
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