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  1. For me it was my dad taking me to a movie of my choice in 1980 and for which I chose "The Final Countdown". He (being slightly anti-military minded) tried to convince me to choose another movie, but I insisted and we indeed went to see it. After seeing the movie I was hooked, started collecting military jet pictures, started building plastic models and started spotting in 1984 at Soesterberg AB in the Netherlands. From that year on spotting intensified and I started taking pictures at the Eindhoven Airshow in 1986 with my grandpa's camera. After seeing the pictures, is was
  2. According to the link Murph supplied, the F-105 was eventually certified to carry the MK-28, MK-43, MK-57 and Mk-61 nuclear bombs, but I'm also not sure which one is loaded.
  3. LF & WTB Wolfpack WP48010 - F-15A MSIP Mod. Eagle Update Set + WP48015 - F-15C MSIP II Mod. Eagle Update Set Hi all, I'm looking for these two Wolfpack kits: Wolfpack WP48010 - F-15A MSIP Mod. Eagle Update Set Wolfpack WP48015 - F-15C MSIP II Mod. Eagle Update Set Is there anybody here that has one or both of these kits in his/her stash, is not going to use them and would willing part with them? If anybody knows where I might buy these new, this would also be very helpful. Thanks for any reply.
  4. Thanks guys. Range wise a nuke on one wing pylon and a fuelltank on the other one together with an internal and centerline fueltank would give the F-105 more range, but I don't know if this was done at Spangdahlem. I do know nukes were carried on wing pylons under F-105's on Victor Alert stationed in Japan, together with a centerline fueltank as can be seen below.
  5. Thanks Murph! I will leave them off my model, as I didn't like the look of these anyway. 🙂 Will just be a Mk28EX on the centerline and 2 fueltanks on the middle wing pylons. I'm only wondering if the other wing pylons would be empty or that they would remove these. Any chance you know this?
  6. Thanks for the info Murph, this answers the first two of my questions! 😀 Now I only need to know if the F-105F's also were able to carry the B28 and B43 bombs. I assume they were, but it would be great if I could find some confirmation. Also an additional question: Do you know if the F-100D's also used the smaller inner pylon fuel tanks when carrying a centerline B28?
  7. Hi all, Another long shot, but I'm looking for information with what kind of type of nuclear bombs the Spangdahlem based F-100's and F-105's (1961-1967) would have used. I know that F-100's were capable to carry the Mark 7 and Mk 28 nuclear bombs, but I really would like to find out which one they used at Spangdahlem from 1959-1961. The F-100 was also capable to carry the B43, but as the B43's only became operational in 1961, the same year the F-100's at Spangdahlem were replaced by F-105's, I assume they weren't used on the Spang F-100's. The same ques
  8. Thank you very very much, I guess I'll be building 54-543! 🙂
  9. Great info, but I'm unable to find the both 54-520 and 54-543 in your listing? The number of the transport behind looks like 15209 and the caption with the picture says: Bentwaters 14-5-60. (https://www.flickr.com/photos/dwhitworth/5797030778/) Also found this picture with caption: "19th TRS (Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron), 66th TRW - Douglas RB-66B-DL Destroyer - 54-511 - at Spangdahlem AB, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany, 1958."
  10. The problem are unclear instructions included in this Italeri kit and their conflicting answers. I just would like to know which is which to build the correct version I'm looking for. It would be a bit silly to find out afterwards that I've built the Alconbury version for my Spangdahlem project. 😉 But you could be right though: I've been in touch with someone that also told me these jets were from the same wing, went from Bitburg to Spangdahlem and later to Alconbury and were swapped around sometimes. However, I would like to know if the green band on the engines were for
  11. And Italeri manages to create an even bigger confusion... They replied to me today stating that the correct decals for the B (Spangdahlem) version is serial 40520! They've sent me the exact same image that they've sent to Jan_CZ but now it is named "1375 RB-66B versione B laterale.jpg" instead of Jan_CZ's image named 1375 RB-66B versione C laterale + numer..." This would mean that the instructions, boxart and picture sent to Jan_CZ are all wrong and: - 40520 is the Spangdahlem version. - 40543 is the Alconbury version. - The boxart is incorrect.
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