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  1. Thanks, I hadn't noticed this. Now I can only hope and wait, time will tell. 😉
  2. PM sent for: 19 Yankee Modelworks USN Carrier Wing 8 Set # 1 USS Nimitz 1975-1977 Kit # YKM-1200 1:350 Scale : $ 25.00 plus shipping. 20 Yankee Modelworks USN Carrier Wing 8 Set # 1 USS Nimitz 1975-1977 Kit # YKM-1201 1:350 Scale : $ 25.00 plus shipping.
  3. For my side project “USS Nimitz-Operation Eagle Claw 1980”, I'm looking for the appropriate 1:350 scale Carrier Air Wing decals from Starfighter decals. Some of these decal sets are still available online, but the following three sets I've been unable to locate. - 350-115-S VAQ-134 Garudas 1980 (need 1) - 350-109-S CVW-8 Recce units RVAH-6 & 9 VFP-63 (need 1) - 350-111-S HS-9 Sea Griffins CVW-8 1980 (need 1) I've already contacted Mark from Starfighter Decals directly, but he told me they were out of stock and doesn't know when
  4. Looks like AGM-12's were also fired from the larger slanted pylon fitted with a AGM-12 rail, but this just looks to bulky for me and I don't even know if the AGM-45 was ever fired like this by Weasels. I've been looking for F-100 1:48 model kits that might contain the pylons I'm looking for, but I haven't found any that do. Anybody any suggestions other then scratch building?
  5. It doesn't look like this is the same type of pylon. The Type 1 is less high and has a different front angle. I've highlighted both pylons in the pictures so the difference is more clear.
  6. So now I only need two Type 1 inner wing pylons like the ones shown below, as the AGM-45's were apparently fired from the same Type 1 launchers the AGM-12's used. Anybody any suggestions where I could obtain these in 1:48 scale? Or could somebody help modify or print these for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 👍 ------------------------------------------- Vid caps from the F-100 Great Planes videos on YouTube showing a type 1 pylon. (Credit Ben Brown from https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/87152-f-100f-wild-weasel/)
  7. Yeah, they must have had balls made of steel! Somewhere online I found this (most probably fake) patch from a Vietnam era F-4C Wild Weasel with the even longer abbreviation: WTFAID/TB YGBSM (What The F*ck Am I Doing / Tight Butts - You Gotta Be Shitting Me) 😄
  8. Yup, only used very shortly and a AGM-45 indeed looks very nice on a F-100. It's a shame that almost all of the model builders have given their Shrike missile noses the wrong white color. 🙂
  9. Thanks Ben, it is a very nice read and according to this article, the F-100F Weasel's were even shorter in service then I thought.
  10. Shortly after starting to use the AGM-45, the F-100F Weasel I's were withdrawn and replaced by modified F-105F Weasel II's. If I researched correctly, the first use of an AGM-45 by a F-100F in Vietnam was 1966 and the the last operational use of the F-100F Weasels was also 1966. That would have given them at best only a few months of use, which I think is not very long to get familiar with.
  11. Thanks Niels. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any info on www.f-100.org regarding the single AGM-45 configuration. Ben's info does match the info I found and was told, so at least for now I'm going for the single Shrike onthe port inboard wing station together with two fueltanks and two SUU-7's on my model. Also, do you perhaps mean LAU-3 in stead of LAU-131? I could be wrong, but I thought the LAU-131 was only developed in the 1970's?
  12. Thanks for the link Thadeus, indeed very handy serial info! 🙂
  13. Thanks for the info Ben! Now it is quite funny to look at all the F-100F models carrying 2 AGM-45's with white noses. 🙂
  14. Last week I've started working on my the 1:48 Trumpeter F-100F and plan to build it like a Vietnam Weasel. Early on in the deployment they were equipped with bombs + LAU-3 rocket launchers loaded with marking rockets, so they could mark a SAM site and accompanying F-105's could attack it. Later on they were equipped with the AGM-45 Shrike together with (among other things) SUU-7 dispensers and this is the weapon load I'd like to use. However, during my research I came upon some publications that state the F-100F's only used the AGM-45 missile on the port inner station and
  15. There used to be 2 Wolfpack MSIP update kits for the F-15A and F-15C available, but unfortunately these have been discontinued. I've been trying to get my hands on both of these for quite some time now, but I haven't been able to obtain them. I anybody has any suggestions where I could find these I would be extremely grateful. 😉 Links: http://www.wolfpack-d.com/catalog/htm/wp48010.html http://www.wolfpack-d.com/catalog/htm/wp48015.html
  16. Thanks again Murph! Below are 2 pictures of the F-15C I'm planning to build and it has both of the features you mention, so it should definitely be a MSIP. I will make sure these features will be present on my model. (All my pics taken 26-7-1994) F-15D 84-044 present the same day also has these features and should also be a MSIP: However, F-15D 79-012 I also photographed the same day, doesn't have these modifications and therefore should be an unmodified one. Guess they where using both modified MSIP and unmodified F-15's at
  17. Wow, what a beast! Wish I had the space to create something like that. Great work!
  18. Those are indeed AIM-120's loaded on the aft fuselage stations and inner wingstations. Only thing left for me to find out is if the F-15C's at Spang were the regular unmodified ones or the MSIP versions.
  19. Thanks Jari! Looks like the info in the Osprey Air Combat F-105 Thunderchief book is not accurate, as they are clearly stating the F-105D and F models could be loaded with 4 Mk.28's or Mk.43's. However now that I think about it, I don't think F-105's could carry a nuke in the bomb bay and centerline at the same time. I think they probably meant that there were 4 "stations" that could take these, but not at the same time. So it's going to be: - 2 droptanks and a centerline Mk.43-0 for my F-105D; - 2 droptanks and a centerline Mk.28RE for my F-105F;
  20. Another one: Were the F-15C's at Spang regular F-15's or the MSIP version? Or both?
  21. Found some additional pictures of F-105's with centerline nukes in the Osprey Air Combat F-105 Thunderchief book: With Mk.28: With BDU-8: It also states: Knowing the above, I might go for 3 droptanks and 2 Mk.43-0 for my F-105D and 2 droptanks and a centerline Mk.28RE for my F-105F.
  22. According to the link Murph supplied, the F-105 was eventually certified to carry the MK-28, MK-43, MK-57 and Mk-61 nuclear bombs, but I'm also not sure which one is loaded.
  23. LF & WTB Wolfpack WP48010 - F-15A MSIP Mod. Eagle Update Set + WP48015 - F-15C MSIP II Mod. Eagle Update Set Hi all, I'm looking for these two Wolfpack kits: Wolfpack WP48010 - F-15A MSIP Mod. Eagle Update Set Wolfpack WP48015 - F-15C MSIP II Mod. Eagle Update Set Is there anybody here that has one or both of these kits in his/her stash, is not going to use them and would willing part with them? If anybody knows where I might buy these new, this would also be very helpful. Thanks for any reply.
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