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  1. Thanks for the info! Since I want the Crusaders present on board, I will build a Nimitz version not later then 17-4-1980. For this reason the EAPS barrels are present on my RH-53's and they will most likely have their original navy blue colors with full markings. It would be great if your instructor can remember when the RH-53D's were painted, so I will be sure if I choose the right color scheme. Could you also ask him if he can remember around which date the mission stripes were painted on the F-14's, A-6's and A-7's? This would be very helpful indeed.
  2. Yeah, I was also very happy! Now I just have to wait until they are delivered. I will post some pictures as soon as they are here and I have some time to make pictures.
  3. Hi Gunny, You are absolutely right, I indeed am. Because I want the RF-8 Crusaders to be on board together with the RH-53D's it will be prior to 17-4-1980, as apparently 17-4-1980 was the date the Crusaders were cross-decked to the Coral Sea. Only thing that I need to find out is on which date the RH-53D's were painted in the sand camouflage. If it tuns out that this was done after 17-4-1980, I will also need to create the regular HM-16 decals and possibly lose the "mission stripes" on the wings. Choices choices, choices... 🙂 Link to my project: https://www.scalemate
  4. They have been created and I've ordered them: https://www.shapeways.com/product/YSW9JCESD/1-350-rh-53d I'm very happy!
  5. Thanks Dutch, I will contact them to see if they can help me out.
  6. For my 1:350 Nimitz 1980 project I'm looking for 8x RH-53D's in 1:350 scale. As far as I can tell no RH-53D's have ever been produced as models in this scale, so I'm looking for alternatives to create these. As far as I can tell I have the following options: 1: Buying 8 CH-53E's and converting all of these one by one into RH-53D's. This might prove time consuming and very likely they won't be exactly the same. 2: Buying 8 CH-53E, converting one hull into a RH-53D master, have it scanned and have 8 examples 3D printed. I would prefer option 2 to keep them
  7. After communicating with Mark from Starfighter Decals, he informed me today that "350-115 VAQ-134 Garudas 1980" and "350-111 HS-9 Sea Griffins CVW-8 1980" were reprinted and available for purchase again. Five minutes after reading this message they were ordered! He also told me that 350-109 CVW-8 Recce units RVAH-6 & 9 VFP-63 would also be reprinted shortly, so I will be sorted soon. Mark Tutton is truly a lifesaver for me and my project. 🙂
  8. It took some time figuring it out, but I'm happy it is sorted now. I also bought a second kit with the Wolfpack WP72-093 Jammin' decals, so I can build the below Spangdahlem version too:
  9. Thanks for pointing that out! I will replace the black decals for olive drab on my bird. Do you think the same applies to the brown anti glare decal in front of the cockpit and should this also be olive drab? Just to clarify because the version designations (A/B/C) in the instructions and the box aren't the same: Spangdahlem version: Alconbury version:
  10. Yes we did: - The Langley based is version A serial 30415. (box cover) - The Alconbury based jet is version B serial 40520. The unit markings (white stripe with a red diamond, decals B1+B2) and the unit commendation markings (white outlined strip with blue lines and red dashes, decals B4) mark it as the version at Alconbury, - The Spangdahlem based jet is version C serial 40543, the one with the green band. Therefore the box art is correct: The unit commendation markings (B4) are not shown in the instructions, but they should go here:
  11. Up. Another idea: Does anybody have these decals and would be willing to make a high resolution scan for me so I could print these myself? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks, I hadn't noticed this. Now I can only hope and wait, time will tell. 😉
  13. PM sent for: 19 Yankee Modelworks USN Carrier Wing 8 Set # 1 USS Nimitz 1975-1977 Kit # YKM-1200 1:350 Scale : $ 25.00 plus shipping. 20 Yankee Modelworks USN Carrier Wing 8 Set # 1 USS Nimitz 1975-1977 Kit # YKM-1201 1:350 Scale : $ 25.00 plus shipping.
  14. For my side project “USS Nimitz-Operation Eagle Claw 1980”, I'm looking for the appropriate 1:350 scale Carrier Air Wing decals from Starfighter decals. Some of these decal sets are still available online, but the following three sets I've been unable to locate. - 350-115-S VAQ-134 Garudas 1980 (need 1) - 350-109-S CVW-8 Recce units RVAH-6 & 9 VFP-63 (need 2 for 3 RF-8's) - 350-111-S HS-9 Sea Griffins CVW-8 1980 (need 1) I've already contacted Mark from Starfighter Decals directly, but he told me they were out of stock and doesn
  15. Looks like AGM-12's were also fired from the larger slanted pylon fitted with a AGM-12 rail, but this just looks to bulky for me and I don't even know if the AGM-45 was ever fired like this by Weasels. I've been looking for F-100 1:48 model kits that might contain the pylons I'm looking for, but I haven't found any that do. Anybody any suggestions other then scratch building?
  16. It doesn't look like this is the same type of pylon. The Type 1 is less high and has a different front angle. I've highlighted both pylons in the pictures so the difference is more clear.
  17. So now I only need two Type 1 inner wing pylons like the ones shown below, as the AGM-45's were apparently fired from the same Type 1 launchers the AGM-12's used. Anybody any suggestions where I could obtain these in 1:48 scale? Or could somebody help modify or print these for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 👍 ------------------------------------------- Vid caps from the F-100 Great Planes videos on YouTube showing a type 1 pylon. (Credit Ben Brown from https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/87152-f-100f-wild-weasel/)
  18. Yeah, they must have had balls made of steel! Somewhere online I found this (most probably fake) patch from a Vietnam era F-4C Wild Weasel with the even longer abbreviation: WTFAID/TB YGBSM (What The F*ck Am I Doing / Tight Butts - You Gotta Be Shitting Me) 😄
  19. Yup, only used very shortly and a AGM-45 indeed looks very nice on a F-100. It's a shame that almost all of the model builders have given their Shrike missile noses the wrong white color. 🙂
  20. Thanks Ben, it is a very nice read and according to this article, the F-100F Weasel's were even shorter in service then I thought.
  21. Shortly after starting to use the AGM-45, the F-100F Weasel I's were withdrawn and replaced by modified F-105F Weasel II's. If I researched correctly, the first use of an AGM-45 by a F-100F in Vietnam was 1966 and the the last operational use of the F-100F Weasels was also 1966. That would have given them at best only a few months of use, which I think is not very long to get familiar with.
  22. Thanks Niels. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any info on www.f-100.org regarding the single AGM-45 configuration. Ben's info does match the info I found and was told, so at least for now I'm going for the single Shrike onthe port inboard wing station together with two fueltanks and two SUU-7's on my model. Also, do you perhaps mean LAU-3 in stead of LAU-131? I could be wrong, but I thought the LAU-131 was only developed in the 1970's?
  23. Thanks for the link Thadeus, indeed very handy serial info! 🙂
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