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  1. Let's revive this post. ūüôā


    As my search for this sheet has been in vain, I'd like to inquire here.

    Is there anybody here that has this sheet in his/her posession, is not going to use the decals for the F-100F 58-1226 (early Wild Weasel) and would be willing to trade these?

    If anyone knows an online store that still has these in stock, that would also be very helpful.


    Thanks for any help!


    This is the one:


  2. 36 minutes ago, Jan_CZ said:

    Well, there is a difference between the box and Instruction sheet (the C version is missing on the instruction sheet) so I asked Italeri 3 years ago to clarify this.

    The answer from Italeri was quick with attached pdf file. So finally the C version is 40520 as is figured on the box - see attached mentioned pdf file.1375 RB-66B versione C laterale + numeri-3.pdf


    Thanks!¬†Would indeed be great if you could post a scan from the Italeri answer here. ūüôā


    Do I understand correctly that:

    - 40520 is the Alconbury version?

    - 40543 is the Spangdahlem version?

    - The boxart is correct?

  3. I think this might be¬†a long shot, but I‚Äôve got another Spangdahlem puzzle that needs some help¬†solving. ūüėä


    This weekend I’ve bought a 1:72 Italeri (1375) RB-66B Destroyer which has Spangdahlem decals included. 

     After studying the instructions and decals carefully, I think that Italeri messed up the decal instructions.


    The instructions show that 4 versions that can be built:

    -          1: USAF, 363rd TRW, 4417th CCTS, Langley-Eustis AFB, Virginia, USA, 1969 - serial BB415/30415

    -          2: USAF, 1st TRS, 10th TRW, Spangdahlem AB, Germany, 1964 - serial BB415/30415

    -          3: USAF, 19st TRS, 10th TRW, RAF Alconbury, UK, 1964 - serial BB543/40543

    -          4: USAF, 363rd TRW, Yokota AB, Japan, 1968 (Vietnam War)


    However, the images shown for version A and B (Picture 1) show exactly the same aircraft with the serial 53-0415/30415.

    Option C is shown as 54-0543/40543 and option D is 0-44542 is in SEA camo. (Picture 2)


    On the decal sheet (Picture 3) another serial set BB520/40520 can be found (Picture 4) that is not shown anywhere in the instructions.


    The box art (Picture 5) does show the BB520/40520, but it is shown as the Alconbury version and the Spangdahlem version is now shown as being the BB543/40543!


    I did manage to find pictures from all of the three planes:

    - 40520 taken 23-5-1964 Alconbury (Picture 6)

    - 40543 taken 14-5-1960, Bentwaters (Picture 7)

    - 30415, date and location unknown (Picture 8 )

    I'm assuming that the 30415 is the CONUS one, because of the TAC emblem on the tail.


    The question is: Which serial does belong to the Spangdahlem version: 40520 or 40543?

    And do the green stripes on the engines come with the Spangdahlem or Alconbury version?


    Can anybody help me get a definite answer?

    Thanks for any help!


    Picture 1: 


    Picture 2



    Picture 3:



    Picture 4:



    Picture 5:



    Picture 6:



    Picture 7:



    Picture 8:


  4. On 1/6/2022 at 8:14 PM, Niels said:

    I also think they never flew or carried the AIM-120's, only AIM-7/9 combo. 


    It looks we are both partly wrong. ūüôā

    As can be seen in this picture taken in 1993 over Iraq, F-15A's from the 32FS did use the AIM-120 missiles during combat air patrol missions after the first Gulf War.

    However, I don't think they ever used AIM-120's at Soesterberg though.



  5. In late 1991 and throughout 1992 they began re-equipping from F-15C/D to F-15A/B, so theoretically the F-15C/Ds could have gotten them.


    However you could be right, because during that time I often could be found at the fence of Soesterberg, but have never seen any F-15 loaded with live or captive AIM-120's

    In all the shots that I can find in my collection of F-15C's in scramble configuration, they are quipped with 4 AIM-7F's and 4 AIM-9M/L's.


    Anybody else any other thoughts?

  6. I have another related question: Did the F-15A/B/C/D's from the 32nd TFS/TFG based at Soesterberg also use the AIM-120's?

    They left Soesterberg in 1994 while operating MSIP F-15A/B's so this should technically be possible, but I've never seen them loaded on Soesterberg F-15's.

  7. On 1/5/2022 at 7:21 PM, Joerg said:

    As Murph said they did. Even before moving to Spang, the 53rd FS flew Deny Flight CAP missions over Yugoslavia out of Aviano using a mixed loadout of 4 AIM-120B, 2 AIM-7M and 2 AIM-9M. Here’s a pic Link

    So it is quite safe to assume the did use AIM-120s after moving to Spang.




    Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for.

    I guess I found my Spang F-15C loadout!¬†ūüôā



  8. On 1/5/2022 at 12:01 AM, Murph said:

    Yes they could (and did) carry both missile types at the same time.  This is a Langley jet from that time frame; Spang would have carried the same load.


    Nice! I've never seen a picture with a mixed load of AIM-7's and AIM-120's before. This is a very interesting loadout together with the 3 droptanks.

    This picture also answered my next question if AIM-120's could be loaded on the inner side of the wing pylons during that time period. Thanks! 

  9. Hi all,


    For starters: Best wishes to everybody for 2022!


    Does anybody know if the F-15C/D's assigned to the 53rd FS at Spangdahlem from 1994-1999 ever used the AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles next to the AIM-7M Sparrow's?

    Ik know that a F-15C accidently shot down a friendly UH-60 helicopter in Iraq with an AIM-120 in 1994, so at least some F-15's were able to carry AIM-120 missiles during the time that F-15's were stationed at Spang.

    The question is: Were the 53FS F-15's also able to carry the AIM-120's?

    And if this was the case, were AIM-120's ever used by the F-15's at Spang? 


    Thanks for any reply.

  10. 5 hours ago, ElectroSoldier said:

    Is the modern scheme the same or is it just one colour now?


    I haven't seen an A-10 lately, but all the pictures that can be found show they still have a two color scheme today. Special and experimental colors¬†excluded. ūüôā




  11. On 12/27/2021 at 7:23 AM, ElectroSoldier said:

    What colours would they be? I think they are the same colours the EF-111A wore.


    According to http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resources.php?r=camo_usaf the A-10 Hill Gray colors should be Light Ghost Gray FS 36375 for the underside color and with Medium Gray FS 36270 for the upper forward fuselage and fins.


    On 12/27/2021 at 7:23 AM, ElectroSoldier said:

    That is the colour scheme they wore when they went to Spangdahelm?


    Yes it was. The picture below was taken by me 04-03-1994 at Spangdahlem. 



    When time passed by, the scheme was slightly altered as can be seen in the picture below taken by me 08-09-1996 at the Brustum Open Day.



    And the final scheme in which I shot my last SP A-10's at the Radom Airshow on 27-08-2009 with again some small alterations:


  12. While browsing through my scanned slide images this weekend, I found this picture taken by me september 1992 at¬†Ramstein AB. Turned¬†out I shot a grey Woodbrigge¬†A-10 myself after all!¬† ūüôā

    Four landed that day, from which three were grey and one was green.



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