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  1. I am considering this kit to do an RAAF Growler, using Skyart decals. Can someone confirm that the kit has the correct forward fuselage with the gun vents blanked and the additional sensors on the sides just behind the radome. Looking at the sprues on the Hobby Boss website it shows the same nose parts as the E and F. I know it wouldn’t be hard to fill and scratch the sensors (like Italieri) but wouldn’t mind knowing in advance. 



  2. On 5/16/2021 at 12:00 PM, habu2 said:


    ZZzzzzzzinggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


    Been waiting 14 years... 


     :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:    :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:   :bandhead2:      

    I have feeling we will be waiting a lot longer for F-16B/D. Tamiya seem to limit themselves to only three boxing’s/variants of any given kit no matter how many possibilities there are. Three Corsairs, three P-47s, three Mosquitos, three Beafighters, three F-16s in 1/48 (four if you include Thunderbirds). More recent stuff like the Spit Mk1 and 109 have only one boxing so far but there is time as these are relatively new. I hope we eventually get an F-14b or late F-14A as they only need to tool the nose pod and the ECM bumps. They have everything else.


    As for the F-4. I reckon it would be a no brainer to do an F-4J and F-4C/D, but that means they probably won’t.

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