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  1. Ciao Dutch grazie I know that USN had dipping sonars, I have never seen the configuration Oliver built, that seems to be adopted by RN. There are no pictures of the cabin with sonar in the links you published, the only one I know are here http://www.vlaggeschipsmaldeel5.nl/html/sikorsky_s-58_135_en_136_aan_b.html and here http://www.vlaggeschipsmaldeel5.nl/html/sikorsky_s-58__plane-guard_.html Anyway nothing to worry about, it is more a nerd stuff than something really important
  2. Ciao Oliver, fantastic work but I have a doubt: sonar winch, display and everything else seems to be more appropriate for a British Wessex HAS rather than an US H-34, what do you think about? I researched a lot about Wessex and H-34 and I never saw such configuration of sonar on a H-34 so I would to know something more about your choice, documentation about US sonars is so scarce that everything new is very welcome and, forgive my impudence, everything seems to me to be bigger than it should, even if masterfully built and painted.
  3. Oliver I am speechless. You have fully penetrated the idea about modelling that are behind our parts. Compliments Sir
  4. Ciao Oliver Ciao to everyboby. Oliver thank you for showing our work on this specialized forum. As I told you these are all parts for 1/32 Fly model and they cover Wessex HC, Wessex HU, and H-34 as well, that seems to be a very hot subject. I really don't want to highjack your thread, you have been so kind with us and I want to show you our thankfulness with a picture straight from the 3D Printer. As you can see MGRB has been completely redone, because we think that the one supplied with Fly kit is definitely wrong and unusable. I am starting a WIP on this site
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