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  1. Thanks Paul. I agree with you. I was pretty sure the model line was not to scale when I saw the Caracal decal set - 2 mm at 1:72 is 5 2/3” wide - so I’m not sure how off. The model itself seems to be mostly an approximation - can’t really tell if it’s a C, G or H model.
  2. Hello. I'm in the process of restoring a circa 1968 Topping/Precision factory desktop RF-101 model. I'm almost to the painting stage and I need help with a color spec for the red "walk behind caution" line (not sure of the correct term) - see photo below. I have a decal set from Precision that unfortunately, does not include the line, and I have a decal set for a 101 from Caracal that includes the line, but it's way thinner than the desktop model. So I'm going to paint it. I have the spec for the fuselage - Alclad II Lacquer aluminum, but I'm unsure of the color for the line. Does anyone
  3. Thanks Ray. I’m pretty sure that I’m going with the airbrush. Should be fun to learn and I’ll practice a great deal before I attempt to paint the model.
  4. Thanks Richard - appreciate your feedback.
  5. Hello all. I’m a modeling and forum newbie looking for advice on restoring an RF-101 factory desktop model. I need some advice on the method I should use to paint - airbrush or paint by hand. My overall goal is quality of the finished product and I’m willing to pay a premium to achieve my goal. A little bit about my project: My father was an RF-101 pilot in the 60’s in the KY ANG. Sometime I believe around 1968, he obtained a factory desktop model of the RF-101 (see photo). Unfortunately his children wanted to “fly Daddy’s plane” and tied a string to it and spun it around the
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