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  1. Some putty pics. Oh, I also attempted to saw in the tire tread and it came out way out of scale and uneven, Sorry for the putty dust everywhere, still have to clean out some of the oil paint also. trying to cram everything I'm learning into one build. also have to fix the ejection marks on the cannon hatch. I cut out another hatch on the left engine, attempting to fabricate a motor mount and wiring harness for engine. Looking at the picture I see so much more to do and fill, when do you call it done?
  2. When your mat loses its stickiness, you can use an Elmers glue stick (Re position able) to put the stickiness back till you get a new mat.
  3. I re posted this in "In Progress"
  4. Ohh man, So far There's more putty than plastic!!! Well not that much but I am slathering on a lot. some parts fit great and some just don't, I am going to try my first diorama with this one, should be fun!
  5. Hello All! I have been watching this model for a couple weeks and decided to try it, this will be about my 10th aircraft since I decided to get back into building models, now granted when I was building as a child there wasn't any after market parts, (At least none I knew off) and I didn't try to modify the build either. Lucky enough for me there are several builds on line that are amazing and shows pretty much what to do to customize this airplane, I made it through the cockpit, then saw pictures of the radar and landing gear bays and see I have some work to do still, this is also my
  6. Opps sorry, new guy here. Moderators, can you move this or do I need to re post?
  7. Sorry guys, having some photo trouble.
  8. Hello Everyone! Been thinking about this model for a while e I go to Hob Lob, finally got it, I have had a very easy time working on it as there are some amazing builds documented, So its been pretty easy to figure out, thought I had all the major detailing done till I pulled up picture of the radar, Get the wire cutters back out, been detailing the radar for an hour or so, looking pretty good so far... 20210524_055349_0.heic
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