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  1. Thank you for that comment. As for subjects I also have a old testors kit ( mig 37 ferret )a what if the Russian made a stealth figther in 1 /48, it has a scratch built ejection seat and cockpit as you could not fit a kit pilot in the cockpit. I added to the nose which gave it a more Russian figther appearance and working on other mods !
  2. This is what the engines looks like in the wing. And the replacement engine wall.
  3. Oh , You have to cut out the wing for the lower half of the engine to fit. Here is a pic!
  4. For the kit ,I cut the back of the cockpit bulkhead off and cut out the computer. Then I put a couple of pieces of sheet styrene under the computer to build up its height.And then built a new rear bulkhead out off styrene. I cut 2 cubby holes into both sides of the cockpit, and around the openings I put .11×.022'' (0.28×0.56mm)styrene strips ,then I put sheet styrene for the back of the cubby holes . I used photo etched xwing cockpit detail kit from Para Grafix and painted the back side of each panel where the lights were supposed to shine through different colors as to represen
  5. Thank you, and I am sorry for note putting info on what has and is being done to the kit, as I am new to this forum stuff and could not figure were to type in the info!
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