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  1. Hey Kursad. A suggestion in regards to the tail markings on this sheet. Rather than the serial number, tail code and command shield being seperate decals (Note the Academy sheet), would all three consolidated as one decal be a good idea, as shown here on the Platz YF-23 sheet?
  2. Thank you Kursad. We appreciate the hard work and look forward to more news. Keep it up.
  3. That's correct, the canards came from an F/A-18A or C. What kit will Arnaud make the conversion pack for?
  4. Yeah, too bad there are no F-15STOL/MTD ACTIVE kits out there. Hasegawa did one a few years ago, but unless they rerelease it, no joy there.
  5. Good subjects! Keep them rolling in
  6. A new green and tan scheme for the Sierra Nevada built USAF Embraer A-29 Super Tucano. I am still very much requesting a sheet for the USAF and Afghan units in 1/48
  7. I think Platz included an HH option on their sheet, but those decals have been sold out for years now. Regardless, I think it's time for something fresh for everything.
  8. I suspect 199th FS decals are gonna be included, they have to be. Kursad makes his sheets very comprehensive. Should be awesome when they come out!
  9. So, in addition to the two 'ED' coded 411th FLTS F-22s, including the Commanders unit, 06-132, and 91-007, is it also possible that we can get markings for the 433rd WPS CO F-22, 06-116?
  10. The F-15s will be a hit, for certain!
  11. Quick question, Kursad. Is a generic number sheet with this sheet a possibility? It sounds like it will be pretty comprehensive anyway, but just thought Id ask.
  12. How about AFSOC Embraer/Sierra Nevada A-29s, in 1/72?
  13. Hey Y'all I hope everyone is having a good summer so far. I have several kits that I'd like to have professionally built, including Hasegawa and Academy F-22s, Hasegawa F-35s and a couple others, and as some of you know, these take special finishes to make realistic. I am seeking some modellers in the US who do builds for commission. If any are known on the forum, I would love to talk some business and to examine what you have to offer. Thank you everyone!
  14. On a related note, it looks like Hasegawa is rereleasing their 1:48 F-22, #PT45 for August. No changes, decals or otherwise. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/pt45/
  15. I hope it arrives soon. I have a couple Hasegawa F-22s that are waiting on it. Any updates?
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