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  1. In conjunction with the two sheets, will the stencil and serial number sheets also be available to pre-order at the same time?
  2. Hey Kursad, do you have the art for each F-22 on the sheets available yo view? 🙂
  3. Excellent!! Will will orders be opened? 😉
  4. What fun! The trip of a lifetime! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and we look forward to your return!
  5. For the modelling world, the prospect of Aggressor F-35s in various schemes is fantastic. I, for one, am interested to see how the AF makes these schemes.
  6. Im pretty sure thats all there is. Its a shame Tamiya seemingly never did the F-16D.
  7. Please, enjoy your vacation! You certainly need it, all things considered. Will F-22 preorders be opened before your departure?
  8. That will be great The question is, who makes 1/72 and 48 F-16D that are available?
  9. This is the Ghost Aggressor. Definitely one of my favorites, along with the BDU splinter
  10. Any update to the profile pics?
  11. F-35A AF 11-5021 65th Aggressor Squadron 2022 Not saying to move in on it just yet, but this might be the beginnings of an Aggressor sheet
  12. Great looking Aggressor! Unexpected colors too. Hoping it is the first of many. Would LOVE to see a BDU splinter F-35A
  13. Looks good! Kursad said he will post some stuff here in the next few days! My wallet is ready!
  14. CD48166 thumbnail has shown up on the main site! Getting close to the ordering stage!
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