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  1. That Gathering of Eagles sheet from Bullseye is basically everything I was looking for and more. That post is almost a year old though! Has it not been released since?
  2. I've been having zero luck finding decals of this topic, especially for commander's units. I figure it's time to reintroduce some of these topics back into the hobby, especially as updates. As you may or may not know, the F-15, particularly the F-15C, was the 1st Fighter Wings primary aircraft for about 30 years (depending on the squadron) before the wing transitioned to the F-22A in 2005, the first active duty wing to do so. I'd love some help from the community to pool maybe 5-8 options of some F-15Cs from the 2000s. Of course, I'd love to throw in: F-15C 83-0017, 1s
  3. Roger that. My work here is done then 🙂 Looking forward to the end result!
  4. @KursadA Is there any additional info youd like for this sheet? I think it's a pretty solid list. I'd probably also add 5420 to that list for Alabama, which has less red than the full red tailed 5628. Total on the list is 11x.
  5. The other thing we can do is do an abbreviated sheet of just the test line jets, if copyrighting for the prototypes is a concern. It would only be like 5-6 different aircraft, but it would be of subjects that have not been done yet anyway.
  6. AF-01 and CF-01 are the only ones that I know of. Those have full painted tails. BF-01 was retired. All other tail art F-35s are just outlines.
  7. Okay, well, this is interesting 5628 has a full red tail at the 100th FS
  8. Good to know. I guess you really do learn something new everyday
  9. Oh my, that looks positively amazing! Well, that answers that then, doesn't it?
  10. Pretty straightforward idea. A few special schemes were made in honor of one of the most remarkable fighters ever made. Certainly the deal of the century for sure. Requesting 3x aircraft. -F-16C Block 42 88-0456, 416th FLTS, 412th TW, Edwards AFB, 2024 -F-16C Block 50 91-0383, 416th FLTS, 412th TW, Edwards AFB, 2024 -F-16D Block 50A, 90-0840, 416th FLTS, 412th TW, Edwards AFB, 2024 88-456 previously wore the 75th Anniversary of Supersonic Flight decal which it wore from October 2022 till January of 2024, when it was painted with a YF
  11. Agreed. I did some reviewing of the list. Here is a suggested abbreviated list of the subjects above. A few were trimmed. 10x options, consisting of 6x USAF, 2x Danish Air Force, 1x RNAF and 1x JASDF. United States Air Force >Air Combat Command -20-5626, 95th FS, 325th FW, 'TY', Tyndall AFB, 2024 "325th FW Unit Markings" -20-5627, 95th FS, 325th FW, 'TY', Tyndall AFB, 2024 "95th FS Unit Markings" ----- >Air Force Materiel Command -20-5578, 461st FLTS, 412th TW, 'ED', Edwards AFB, 2023
  12. @KursadA Quick question in regards to this potential sheet. What would be considered too many subjects on a given sheet such as this? It is not a full anthology like the F-22, merely an update sheet.
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