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  1. That remains to be seen! Im gonna guess it may be just the stencils, but we'll see
  2. This photo was teased by the 187th Fighter Wing, which hosts the 100th FS It is a bucket of red paint! Stay tuned!
  3. Thank you my friend! Nice to know someone here is at China Lake! Edwards and China Lake are real special to me
  4. You do alot of the research yourself allegedly. I figure itd be helpful to meet you halfway at least. Keep us informed! Thanks Kursad!
  5. @KursadA I think this list is ready to be evaluated by you, Kursad. 5x F-35A 4x F-35B 4x F-35C 1x F-16A Here is the final requested list: F-35A -AA-1, "First Flight", NAS Ft. Worth, December 2006 -AF-01, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB, May 2010 -AF-02, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB, May 2010 -AF-06 07-0744, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB, December 2011 -AF-07 07-0745, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB, December 2011 F-35B -BF-01, VX-23, NAS Patuxent River, November 2009 -BF-02, VX-23, NAS Patuxent River, USS Wasp Sea Trials, Decembe
  6. I will add two aircraft to this sheet, seeing as there are too few F-35As. -AF-06 07-0744, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB, December 2011 -AF-07 07-0745, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB, December 2011 These were some of the first F-35As with unit markings. After briefly being at Eglin AFB in 2011, these two aircraft were then sent to the 461st Flight Test Squadron at Edwards AFB, where they remain to this day.
  7. Good News Hasegawa has announced this aircraft as a February release in 1/72! http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/02465/
  8. It's close. It doesn't look long enough, however. The mounting point probably wouldn't fit, and is missing a few details.
  9. Hey Everyone Was gonna poke around and see if someone could potentially make some test pitot probes for the 1/48 Tamiya F-35A/B. Only a few F-35s had this equipped, but those few are some of the better looking test aircraft. Anyone have the ability, or know where to get a few?
  10. Well, unfortunately for us, the forthcoming Hasegawa 1/48 X-62A #07529 that was announced in November has been canceled this last week due to unspecified issues. Which brings me back to square one on what kit and conversions out there would be sufficient to make an accurate X-62A. I do have the Two Bobs decals, which are quite nice. Suggestions?
  11. Completed Alabama F-35 tail. @KursadA I will publish the final list for this sheet in early January, and hopefully a few more 100th FS aircraft will be readily visible.
  12. Good night, I love that! 301 Squadron is one of my favorite JASDF units. I guess...add that to the list? Haha
  13. First Alabama 100th Fighter Squadron F-35A in paint now. Shouldn't be too long. This one doesn't appear to be a Commander's aircraft. We'll see if that one has a red tail
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