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  1. Yes the bottle does say that the fumes are toxic.
  2. That must have hurt. I am working on a essentially plastic covered table and floor, so I guess the papers and cardboard box saved me.
  3. So in a accident I tipped over my bottle of plastic cement. It penetrated through the cardboard box I was working on my models in and spilled through on some (relatively unimportant) papers. I observe that it seems to not react when in contact with things such as cardboard or paper. Is this true? I cleaned it up by soaking it up with paper towels. Is specific ways to dispose of it, as it might be considered toxic/chemical waste? Sad that almost a full bottle was wasted, two weeks in my first actual model (others before were snap-together kits/diecast/screw-together kits
  4. So... it seems that I have lost the tailhook for my dauntless. Is there any way I can possibly replace it? maybe an STL file for 3D printing, or some way to find the part number? If not, I am thinking of using paper clips.
  5. For this kit, do the fuselage halves need to be cemented together? Most of the instructions do not say whether parts should be cemented, only some show do not cement, such as the trapeze/bomb swing release mechanism on the fuselage centerline. On that note, does the headrest part also need cementing? Should I assume everything that does not have the “do not cement” sign be cemented together?
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