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  1. That is a dirty pig. So....good sample for the weathering proficient....
  2. I second that motion. I'd like to see that as well.
  3. Heard that one a few times too. An awful lot of us ex-SAC troops are missing the level of commitment and dedication that command demanded. It was tough, but it's what kept the dark forces at bay and helped people sleep soundly at night. We are but a sorry shadow of our former selves.
  4. That band and SAC patch were a great item of pride for more people that most realize. SAC was a bigger deal than almost anyone now can understand. It was a great comfort knowing the levels they went to as the guardians of this country. I only did 2 years as a SAC trained killer, Fairchild AFB, 1977-1979. Diggin' the B-47 pic even though I never worked them. We had B-52G's and still flew the ADM-20C's for which we weapons troops had a separate equipment identifier.
  5. It's so primitive compared to CGI and digital art, so it's good to hear compliments, thank you.
  6. Yeah, one reply and presto! Question answered! I guess I'm no good at searching or something. Thanks again fasteagle12....
  7. Thanks, it's not for everyone but I think not being mainstream keeps it more or less unique.
  8. Having a hell of a time finding Luke AFB decals for a 1/48 F-15A from the '82-ish and after (but before the Emodels arrived) era in black. If anyone has any left over or knows a source, I'd appreciate it. Yes, I've been searching....the first pic with the Nellis mountains behind it is my own pic of the exact jet being done. The other pic is for better detail but still a Luke jet of the same squadron....I didn't see a wanted section so if this is posted wrong, it's my optometrist's fault.
  9. Did these all in MS Paint with a conventional mouse. So, yes, hand drawn with a standard mouse.
  10. I find myself needing 1/48 (and 1/72 for that matter) F-15A decals for Luke AFB squadrons and can't seem to find any. I'd snag a couple sets for future use were they available. It would seem an awful LOT of decal sets are out of stock with Caracal and it begs the question, do they restock? That's an awful lot of decal sets that are not available on their site.
  11. Yeah didn't want to sound like a rivet counter but thought some first hand information might have been valid and good to know. I still say that was sure a sweet model build....
  12. Just to finish a thought, removal of the Turkey Feathers wasn't just a C model thing, the A's (B's or D's that we had either) didn't use the Turkey feathers either, only very early ones had them in place. None of the jets at Luke had them when I was there in '82 and I believe they'd been gone for quite some time.
  13. Roger on the very nice Skymaster, I should hope to shout....
  14. Sweet models and a big thumbs up on the airborne shot! Way cool!
  15. Nice model, and a significant aircraft. Looks like a perfect build to me. Sure looks odd with all that preproduction stuff but that's the way it was. Too bad the jet ended up at Lackland as a farce. Yes, that's 71-0280 with an Eglin jet's paint scheme. This kind of 'thing' shouldn't be allowed.
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