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    scale 1/32 Jets :-)
  1. Hello, I want the 1:32 F-105 B Thunderbird represent and for this reason I would need the following things: Cutting Edge CEC32171, F-105B Thunderchief Conversion, Resin Conversion / Correction / detail sets Cutting Edge CEC32163, F-105B / D Open Canopy Correction Set Cutting Edge CEC32150, F-105B / D Fin and Rudder Correction Set Seeking nice since a long time these conversions maybe someone can help me or has this and likes to say goodbye for a fair price for it. Thank you! best regards Rainer
  2. Hi Jerry, fantastic Rollout a very nice weathering! Did you have more pic please can´t see enough of that wonderfull Phantom. best regards Rainer
  3. Hi EagleDriver, Very nice built , fine aging :lol: question :which colour you take for the tanks......? regards Rainer
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