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  1. corrected canopy for the HobbyBoss (1:48) andTrumpeter (1:32) F/A-18E (in the canopy of the kit the bulge is all inside the transparent and does not end in the hump)
  2. IIRC IsraCast or Eagle Deisgn made it http://www.hyperscale.com/2013/features/f4e48bd_1.htm & http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2001/f4ejc_1.htm
  3. How can I contact Harold of AMS resin for the BLU-27s? TIA.
  4. hi, which were the heavier napalm canisters to hang up on the inner pylons' TER (2 sides)? BLU-27s?
  5. hi, 2x mk.83 (sides) + 1x MK.82 (lower) on the single TER was a possible combo?
  6. meanwhile could someone put some pictures of F-4Bs with heavy or unusual loads (other than J)?
  7. on ebay uk they are all sold out....where can they be ordered and what are the correct references? thank you.
  8. which colors are closest to the su-27 livery, AKAN OR MRP? are they acrylic? how do they dilute? thank you. I also find it hard to understand something with these Russian aircraft colors. I'll do as well as Porkbits I know, using the infos above.
  9. I've also seen this sheet but I do not know in which scale it is
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