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  1. How long have we wait for it? cheers
  2. any chance to recast the canopy set?
  3. I need 2 Su-27 canopies but they are out of stock on how can I do? thanks in advance for any help.
  4. any help? canopy is out-of-stock on Zactmodels website too, so I'm unable to buy it from there TIA
  5. even better than Tamiya 1/32 one? please could you explain which areas? cheers.
  6. yes! Revell offers two centerline tank options: the "F-15 style" and the "potbellied" one... I need the F-15 style (with tail fin)
  7. Hi Jake, any chance to make those decal sheets in the near future? many thanks.
  8. for the single-seat... and eventually the kit (if the price is good to save me some money). cheers
  9. I need this sheet: thanks for any help.
  10. centerline, from the Revell F-4F kit. TIA.
  11. I'm consoling to know this, I thought I was a pathologic case with my "just" (approx.) 100 kit stash
  12. hi Sir, how much are the shipping costs to Italy for the Trumpy Su-27 single seater? does it include the Zacto intakes? cheers
  13. what about this one?
  14. any news concerning the Mirage 2000 and the F-15 UTS books? cheers