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  1. hi guys, anyone who knows the differences between these 3 types of tyres? std type 1 type 2 do they refer to specific versions of the Tornado (GR.1, IDS, ADV, GR.4, ECR etc.) or specific timeframes? many thanks.
  2. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone would be having the following sets for sale: AIRMO #32701 GAU-8/A barrel set Squadron #9412 A-10 vacu canopy and eventually the kit itself (complete). I'm in Europe and I can pay with Paypal. thanks for any help.
  3. AirDOC made a HUGE sheet for the Norm 72 F-4Fs... but I fear they are out of production (I'm not sure)
  4. Revell F-4F is seriously misshaped in terms of muzzle (too thin) and intakes (oversized, take a look here)*: *Except the Spey engined Tooms, all the Phantoms have the same air intakes' mouths... But it includes two great engine nozzles and a perfect belly F-15 style tank. I've two Revell GE (#4785) F-4F in my stash.... and I will have to seek an alternative muzzle from the Tamiya kit (F-4E or EJ) and a pair of air intakes (Cutting Edge, Rhino, DMold or GTR). Flightpath (UK) makes a great undercarriage set for the Revell Phantoms... and Legend makes a beautiful cockpit for it. You also can choose between DEF.Model (bulged) and Eduard Brassin (unbulged) F-4C/D/E/F/G wheels... and you will need 4x AIM-120 Amraams underside (instead of the old AIM-7 Sparrows), Flightpath again makes excellent resin missiles with PE fins (or you can pick them up from the Academy F/A-18C or Tamiya F-16CJ kits) HTH cheers
  5. hi guys, looking for the above kit at an affordable price, in Europe. cheers
  6. still searching for it... anyone has got?
  7. no problem.
  8. aaagghh... I wanted it. Any chance to get a further one?
  9. could it be adapted to the Trumpeter kit?
  10. Ken, lovely bird. Which weapons was used by Chinese J-15s? claasical AA-8/10/11 or even some air-to-ground? cheers
  11. totally agreed! it's really hard to pick a few for a diorama ... they are all beautiful how can you choose just only 3-4?
  12. wow the J-15 chinese livery is definetely GREAT
  13. I think it would be more interesting to build and paint airport sections or flight decks or figures or dioramas accessories ... because some modelers prefer unarmed aircrafts or with only tanks.