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  1. hi Dash, have you got some Revell F-4G centerline tank? TIA.
  2. I also love the Miss Molly, the answers are YES YES but I ask the experts for confirmation. take a look a this topic (page 5):
  3. if Zactoman will be casting/adapting an engine correction set I will be buying at least 5 boxes.
  4. is 32039 still available?
  5. I'm in for the 32-039 sheet (F-15J/DJ JASDF Aggressors)
  6. wow Lothar, GREAT livery! who makes those beautiful decals with the firefight dragon on the nose? cheers
  7. How long have we wait for it? cheers
  8. any chance to recast the canopy set?
  9. I need 2 Su-27 canopies but they are out of stock on how can I do? thanks in advance for any help.
  10. any help? canopy is out-of-stock on Zactmodels website too, so I'm unable to buy it from there TIA
  11. even better than Tamiya 1/32 one? please could you explain which areas? cheers.
  12. yes! Revell offers two centerline tank options: the "F-15 style" and the "potbellied" one... I need the F-15 style (with tail fin)
  13. Hi Jake, any chance to make those decal sheets in the near future? many thanks.