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  1. You are misunderstanding what I meant to say. Perhaps I wasn't clear. That site lists each carrier and what air wing was embarked for each cruise. But when you click on the link for the relevant air wing it only gives you the current composition (i.e. the current VFAs with Super Hornets, Growlers and the usual stuff). The other site I listed above: http://www.gonavy.jp/CVWf.html does it the other way around. It lists each carrier air wing. When you click on the link it takes you to a listing of each cruise and tells you what carrier they were embarked on, but also
  2. Unfortunately that one only tells you the current composition of each air wing and not historical squadrons.
  3. This page will give you carrier assignments, squadrons and aircraft types for every carrier air wing over the years from 1963 to the present broken down by each cruise. http://www.gonavy.jp/CVWf.html For decals it will be better to search by each squadron and then check contemporary reference photos to make sure they show the livery from the same time frame you are looking for, to the extent the decal maker doesn't provide this info.
  4. And one other idea: it sounds like you are brushing by hand rather than using an airbrush. As mentioned above, brushing one paint or lacquer over another that uses a similar solvent will cause the two to blur. If you don't have an airbrush, you can also buy Tamiya flat clear in a spray can and spray your model that way. This will not cause the abrasion of brushing and will give a nice even clear coat. You will, however, need to mask the canopy and other clear parts (that sensor thingy in the nose of the F-117 whateveritscalled) and anything else you don't want to have a flat finish.
  5. It's a large box and shipping from Japan these days is expensive. During the peak of Covid last year there were massive delays with shipments from Japan, so many retailers now no longer offer the budget shipping options and will only offer tracked shipping that is considerably more expensive. I just tried a couple of model train items on that site and the shipping costs for those are what I'd expect for Japan these days. You could check Hobbysearch Japan and compare shipping rates there. I'm guessing the shipping rates will be similar.
  6. I have used plaza_japan the eBay seller many times for my other hobby (N scale model railroading) and they are excellent. If this is the same guy then there should be no issues.
  7. Hi there, I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who has the Hasegawa kit No. 00745 of the 1/72 F-14B but didn't end up using the VF-102 Diamondbacks decals that the kit came with. If so, I'd love to have them. The background is that this particular Tomcat AB 102 is the only active duty Tomcat I ever got to see up close during Fleet Week on the USS John F. Kennedy in 1998 in New York and I would love to build it, but I don't like the Hasegawa kit so I want to use these decals with a different kit. Thanks in advance. M
  8. Very nice work, Marco. I love 1/144 scale. What did you use for the wires that go from that center antenna (?) to the vertical stabilizers?
  9. I sadly only discovered this forum very recently, so I doubt I'll manage to squeak in before the deadline for this group build, but I am planning two Trumpeter 1/144 F-14As in late 70s/early 80s VF41 and Vf-84 colors for a CVW-8 diorama display that I have in mind, as well as a GWH 1/72 F-14A in late 80s VF-84 colors. I may be able to complete one of the 1/144 builds by the deadline, we'll see.
  10. Teriffic job! I really like the weathering on this one.
  11. Jedino dekali u razmeri 1/144 postoje za Montenegro Fokker 100 od scalemates, koliko ja znam. U razmeri 1:200 ih joŇ° nisam video.
  12. Yes, I agree. Semi-gloss/semi-matt looks better for military aircraft than matt which makes them look like they're made of cardboard. Misha
  13. Yes, really well done. I particularly like the work on the bare metal areas behind the exhaust, as well as the overall finish. What clear coat did you use on the wings and fuselage? Misha
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