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  1. Received the Fury a few days ago. The kit was packaged like it was ready to do battle with the world postal systems. Mark is a great guy to deal with.
  2. Is the Sporty from the series available?
  3. Did anyone ever do a Jeep Cherokee XJ in 1/24-25 scale?
  4. When will they be available to buy?
  5. Was the aft fuselage ever corrected? If I recall that was the major issue with the kit.
  6. Here's my poor attempt to make a better A3 main wheel well. I also added a photo of my repositioned MGW opening forward about 9mm.
  7. The MLG well and gear are totally screwed on this kit. The gear and wells are just about total fiction. Not quite but just about. I made my own half rearend attempt to accurize the well and gear however I am abandoning it hoping Jeffrey over at Hypersonic Models will accelerate his intention to correct the well and gear. No simple project. I hope he will do it before I check out. The meter is running.
  8. I think the only 1/48 C is the Kitty Hawk kit. Panda made an A or a B. Can't recall which.
  9. Speaking of vehicles. Why no one has done a Jeep Grand Wagoneer or Cherokee/Comanche? The Jeep Cherokee alone sold almost 3 million units between 1984 and 2001.
  10. I have a 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A and F/A-18E Super Hornet for trade. Looking to trade both for either a Tamiya F-14A or F-14D, 1/48 of course. Both kits are open box but factory bags sealed. The Hornet has two sets of Two Bob's decals and the bag containing the canopy has been opened and the canopy placed in a protective bag as it was loose in the factory bag. The F-14 had two small US insignia clipped from the decal sheet but they have been replaced from another Hasegawa sheet.
  11. For me all 1/48... F11F-1 Grumman Tiger F7U-3 Vought Cutlass E-1B GrummanTracer F2H-3/4 McDonnell Banshee AJ North American Savage
  12. I have Jeffrey's H5 seats. I don't need any more. I hate PE harnesses.
  13. Also since there seems to be a lack of a set of the Furball decal sheet I believe Eagle Strike or Aeromaster offered a series of Demon decals. I'll take those as well if someone has a set. Specifically I'm looking VF-61 markings. Thanks.
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