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  1. I have a 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A and F/A-18E Super Hornet for trade. Looking to trade both for either a Tamiya F-14A or F-14D, 1/48 of course. Both kits are open box but factory bags sealed. The Hornet has two sets of Two Bob's decals and the bag containing the canopy has been opened and the canopy placed in a protective bag as it was loose in the factory bag. The F-14 had two small US insignia clipped from the decal sheet but they have been replaced from another Hasegawa sheet.
  2. For me all 1/48... F11F-1 Grumman Tiger F7U-3 Vought Cutlass E-1B GrummanTracer F2H-3/4 McDonnell Banshee AJ North American Savage
  3. I have Jeffrey's H5 seats. I don't need any more. I hate PE harnesses.
  4. Also since there seems to be a lack of a set of the Furball decal sheet I believe Eagle Strike or Aeromaster offered a series of Demon decals. I'll take those as well if someone has a set. Specifically I'm looking VF-61 markings. Thanks.
  5. Tommy, I have your monograph on the F-111B. Loaded with great info on the plane. I wish someone would come out with a really good 1/48 conversion set for either the Academy or HB kits. I had no idea your book was worth that much lol.
  6. I suggest trying Biblio.com. They are like the Rock Auto of book stores. I have always been happy with my purchases through them. I just got back from going on Biblio and there were several copies of the monograph you bought or are looking for. Various prices depending who the seller is.
  7. The book is Out Of Print. You have what is called a print upon demand edition. It is legit but not of the greatest quality. Same thing happened to me when I bought Vol 1 of Ginter's Skywarrior books. Same type paper and poor B&W photo reproduction. If you buy from Amazon sometimes it will be noted in the description that it is a POD edition. Another good place to buy books is Biblio.
  8. Title says it all. For the HB or GP F3H Demon. I'll take a partial sheet if it has the right squadron on it. Thanks.
  9. Mr. Song...please come back! Please, please, please.
  10. Are the rest of Phil's collections listed there as well? It was a huge loss when he passed. The rest is available at the above site. Just delete everything after.com/. Well...maybe not. Some stuff does not open.
  11. Just my 2 cents for what that is worth. The Scratchaero kit is still based on the Lindberg kit with added resin that sorta, kinda gets you to something that looks something like a production Tiger. For another ~$100.00 you get the real deal. Certainly your choice, your money. Me, I wasn't very impressed with the photos of the kit. For the work that Scratchaero put into making the molds they should have just created a completely new kit from uh, scratch.
  12. Tommy, I am surprised Al is using the original J46's. I would have thought newer engines would have been better, more reliable and spare parts more readily available, like was done with the Me 262 replicas. It seems according to Wikipedia there are several airworthy engines at locations around the country in various museums in addition to what Al has noted in the posting at Wiki. Does he feel he has sufficient parts available to him to keep his Cutlass airworthy once it is there? Also, is this the Cutlass that Paul Allen was working on before his passing?
  13. You're welcome Tommy, I'm anxiously awaiting it. I know it will be great. I absolutely love your monograph on the F4H-1 Phantoms. Some of Steve's earlier monographs really need updating. Happy to see you're up to the challenge on the Cutlass.
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