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  1. Hi Lyoncubb, I saw your post and wanted to find out if you in fact had found a copy of the Iliad 72004 decal sheet for your B-24H project (probably Jimmy Stewart's "Male Call", right?!?) Anyway, I have a copy of that decal sheet that I can sell, portion out or horse-trade with. I too am looking for some decals that I'd missed out on, specifically the 1/72nd IsraDecal IAF-85 for the Fouga Magister...I want to do a "What-if" build using a different aircraft. Are you looking for just the "Male Call" markings or the entire sheet? Please let me know the latest on your search and let's see what
  2. It's a bit of a long shot, but is anyone willing to sell all or part of the IsraDecals IAF-85 Fouga Magister decals - specifically, those that apply to the blue IDF/AF Display team? I have a "What-If" project I'd like to dress-out with these markings and any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi Dann, Yes, it's the markings for the original blue & white scheme the Fouga Magisters were painted in!
  4. Hi Harry, I'm very new to this forum, however I do have a set of Fiat G-91Y decals from the Matchbox kit. The sheet is minus two decals from the 8th Stormo squadron...but everything else is there. Please let me know if you're interested. Ken
  5. Hi, It's a long-shot, but I'm looking for a really specific OOP set of decals! I'd like to ask if anyone has a copy of the IsraDecal sheet IAF-85, Fouga Magister. I'm looking to do a "What-if" involving the IADF Air Demo team and this particular decal sheet seems to fill out what I'd need. I'm seeking the Air Demo team decals, so if I can buy/trade for just those markings, or for the entire sheet, please let me know. Thank you for the time and consideration to my request.
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