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  1. Here it is quite visible on the Flanker: I wonder if this is a normal feature on double seated Jets I did not notice before. Best wishes Alex
  2. I also see it on the Su-30 and since the Tomcat has this too maybe we are seeing it the right way.
  3. Wow I never thought that my eyes are right here. Thank you! From where do you have this information? Is this in some kind of book I could buy?
  4. Hi! So I have bit of a weird question regarding to Tomcats canopy... See I have a Hasegawa F-14A kit at home and when I checked the construction plan I noticed something rather weird with the canopy: The Canopy is kinda "double Bubble" shaped with the RIOs part of the canopy getting higher in its own weird bubble canopy: Now this ofc probably is some weird error in the plan but it kinda made me a bit restless so I looked at a bunch of Plans of the Tomcat online and in books and I also tried real life pictures but I didn't come to a c
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