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  1. AVRO Weapon System WS-606A. VTOL interceptor project from 1959. Offshoot from Project-9961 "Silverbug". Ordered by US Airforce, projected by Canada, model from Ukraine, built by russian modeller and spayed with UK Alclad enamels. Original plane never left drawing boards. Unicraft resin kit, 1/72. You can see parts below. I've met only one finished model of Avro-606A on internet, finished by Ishiduka Isao. I assume that makes me second guy in world with that disk thing in models shelf.
  2. Sorry, maybe I don't understand you correctly, it's bad? )
  3. Here is my new Special Hobby's Bell XP-77, experimental full wooden fighter from 1944. Very tiny kit, about 3 inches long, it's difficult photograph it correctly
  4. Ken, this is a really amazing work!
  5. Producer of kit named Strim I'll hope you will finish this kit rough, but magnificent kit :)
  6. Yes, "what if". Something crazy, like soviet heavy interceptor complex from 1946 year. I think about something like place one BI-1 in bomb bay, drown it between doors. And, BI of course will be with ramjets ;) Yep, I go there every monday :) Can you remind me in PM, when you definitely will be in Moscow? :)
  7. Wow, Ken Good job! Both Pe-8 and concurrently. ;) How Zvezda's was in built? I'm doing similar kit at this time, but my will be make for Luft-46-universe like a flying carrier of BI-1 interceptors.
  8. I've have similar kit, and I want to say - you made a great plane! I didn't kitbash my kit (it's He-111C, but sprues are initial except nose), so now it's about a 50% finished. )
  9. It's look alike came from Crimson Skies game Good work!
  10. This site can help you: http://www.buran.ru/htm/molniya.htm
  11. I've got something like this, but in 2048*1550 size What file host for .rar will be better?
  12. Crazy, but marvellous job! :lol:
  13. Mayde you mean Rocketeers from old american sci-fi movie? http://renax.club.fr/sharkit/rocketor/rocketor.htm
  14. Tancist

    FMA Pucara

    No, it was released, but I think only in Russia. I've seen this kit about a 6 months ago. It's look like Special Hobby model. True story of this kit - Voka made first sprues in 1994, then they sell one complete mastermodel to Special Hobby, and, years after, they produce it themselves. So it's just cheap alternate to old Special Hobby.
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