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  1. That looks really nice. Don't have white lacquer to mix with the 36170 (just started using lacquers on an F-15c, and now the F-35c and F-22a), but think I'll try mixing some 36251 Aggressor Gray with a bit of 36170. Still have a bunch of Mission Models white that I've been using for landing gear and such, so haven't' switched over to lacquers yet for that stuff.
  2. See, the problem is all the current F-35 kits are designed for the old scheme with the light RAM tape. This Academy kit comes with a full set of decals for the tape. But that scheme is outdated. Nobody seems to include paint guides for a modern scheme, which has only rolled out in the last few years.
  3. Hi, first post here, and a question regarding the 1/72 F-35A I'm currently working on. I've already painted it FS36170 using MRP lacquer, but am now trying to figure out what to do next. I know the RAM tape is all FS36170 now, but what about the radome, canopy frame, intake edges, and leading/trailing edges of the wings and tail? These used to be Medium Gray like the RAM tape. Some recent photos make it look like everything is one color now. But others (recent enough that the RAM tape is the same as the fuselage) still seem to have a lighter canopy frame and radome. And then o
  4. Hi, first post here, and question regarding all the F-35 photos. I've got an Academy 1/72 F-35A, already painted FS36170 with MRP lacquer, but what is the current consensus regarding the radome, canopy frame, and leading/trailing edge colors? I know the RAM tape is all FS36170 now, but what about the rest of the stuff? Pretty sure that all used to be Medium Gray like the RAM tape, but now I look at 3 recent photos, and come to 3 different conclusions. In one, the canopy frame and radome still look lighter than the body. In another, they're virtually the same color.
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