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  1. might i ask your age gentlemen. I want to get a feel of you. Are you like a 30y young guy, or are you like a 60y cool boomer guy?
  2. Isnt the harrier an old "i can do everything" plane like f-35? That means not really fast, not really agile. su-27/33 was made focusing on air-to-air superiority and dancing around the sky, super agile. Su-47 was a technological test-bed, but meant to be even more maneuverable than the regular su-27. What chance would a vertical take off meme plane have in a dog fight against a super maneuverable test bed?
  3. I can understand concorde and valkyrie, since it absolutely mogged other countries. but the rest..no guys just no (: they look like kids toys compared to an YF23 or Su-47, not to mention the iconic B2 and F117
  4. The F-4 phantom was used in the movie iron eagle 2, as a "russian mig" by the "russians" who came to work on a joint operation with the americans. America didnt really have access to russian migs for a movie so they had to paint the F-4 in black and pretend its the evil russian migs.
  5. It's gotta be: SR-71 blackbird B-2 spirit F-117 nighthawk MIG-31 foxhound - the one to scare SR-71 away! SU-47 berkut - the X-MEN plane! SU-75 Checkmate YF-23 SU-33 "the one with the flappy wings on the front" A-10 while a ugly plane, its still in my memories from "operation flashpoint" the old videogame. It has a unique design like no one else. SR-72 from the new top gun 2 movie, america's new scary demon against russia. F16, F22, F35 were excluded for being kinda cool but just not "WOW OMG cool"
  6. Well Mr Scott Smith, as a millennial, and a honest person i have to admit when I am wrong - whatever I said doesnt apply to you. When you have investments that you look over, and plan, and do this to leave the house to your kids (and guns!) thats a good parent. And giving supplies and hand-made bicycles instead of cash its a very smart move to make sure that you actually help people. Most charities...they just take the cash and the kids dont get anything.
  7. I remember a funny story told by nick rochefort, about some guy who had a broken tooth and was in pain, with no money for dentist. And his boomer dad was updating him on his european bike restoration, ordering 300$ parts from EU like every month. It's really funny, isnt it (: The fact if you ask me "what are all the planes and tanks you LOVE so much that you just have to buy and build them?" I can think of maximum of 7 that are just so cool that I just have to have them. All the rest...i dont even like......ill get no joy from building them or looking at them, even if i paint them
  8. How can you resist all kinds of planes that you dont think are cool? I can think of maximum 7 planes that I think are super "cool" that i want them. Why buy stuff that you dont really like?
  9. Why is the Chip'n'Dale sea plane trying to dog fight the F16? Oh, its actually the SEA DUCK plane from ducktales. This is like Bulgaria buying "1" F16 and ITCHING FOR WAR. JUST TRY US BUDDY!
  10. Its becoming more and more apparent that the whole hobby is made to be an elitist thing where you have to spend 300$ on tools and pushed to spend another 300$ on an airbrush too. and just keep spending money (: If the parts needing sanding down being cast unperfectly, and putty needed for various seems and cracks was needed, wasnt enough... and the paint needing to be thinned down and retarder added wasnt enough... Now, after the sandpaper, the putty mess, the thinning of paint (i didnt buy retarder still) and i used superglue for the PE parts instead of $$$ special glue....
  11. It is normal to look a little iffy at graphic designers, since your brother couldn't attend the university, but this is a blessing. Because in a lot of cases he could have became a designer/programmer/QA/CRM/social media manager without taking life destroying loans and wasting 4 years. This is not like the old 80's where "i good sir you must have a certificate of university education to work this here coal mine" Everyone is lying. It's the only way to land a job. You make some designs/code, you lie that you worked for some company, you say you made various projects for cl
  12. I think its awesome that you made the openings in a different yellow color. But how do you make your washes? I tried using black and water and ended up with something that either wipes out or makes stains everywhere!
  13. hahaha! my friend, I never studied graphic design in a university. I got lucky to be hired to retouch photos for magazines, and from them on slowly got lucky to work graphic design jobs, learning on the fly. In the end i ended up working doing marketing banners, landing pages for casino games and sports betting. I had to be creative to use various cartoon characters with backgrounds, and dress them up, and paint their hands, and make it a catchy meme for a promotion. And then I put some cool, shiny text. I even wanted and tried designing slot/scratch online games for my employer... but then my
  14. I dont know who these guys are. But there is no chance of AI taking over programmer/designer jobs. those "Squarespace" "design your own website" memes you see are incredibly limited and would work only for "karen's homemade soap" website. Working for a sports-bookie/online casino you cant automate the work because new banners, newsletters and promotion materials have to be constantly made every week. Someone has to put the stuff together and apply the changes that the managers want (and they often change their mind 5 times). an AI would simply say "manager demand 5 changes
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