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  1. Exito is having their sale tonight starting at 00:00 GMT+1.
  2. With the Sprue Brothers deal, if you spend more than $200, you will get 20% off. Not a bad deal depending on which kits you buy.
  3. Hello Friends, Anyone aware of special deals for next week? Regards, John
  4. Beware of all plasticard and soldering wire magicians who say, "It's not that hard..." 😄 Great work Chuk, as usual. Cheers, John
  5. I own all three and agree that the ProconBoys are a little better.
  6. Thanks for posting - the kit does look impressive. I have heard a lot from other reviewers that the raised RAM details look too far out of scale. What is your opinion on that?
  7. This is GREAT news! I have always been a big fan of Aeromaster and some of their special releases are almost impossible to find on the secondary market and usually requires a fortune to buy. Their Nimitz air wing set (SP48-14) is a great example of this and can run hundreds via ebay or on Ultracast.
  8. Thanks for the look back in time Dutch. The late 60's and early 70's were a good time for plastic modelers too, especially with Monogram and other kit manufacturers. I believe the key to keeping the hobby alive and flourishing is to find ways to generate interest in it for kids which is tough due to competing time consuming activities like hand-held devices, social media, and video games. In addition to that, there has to be kit lines with price points low enough to be affordable for most people.
  9. Wow! Those were great photos, thanks for sharing.
  10. I agree that they are very pricy, but Ultracast is a great resource for high quality pictures of the decals.
  11. Great job on the two Mustangs. I appreciate you posting the pros & cons also; very helpful. Cheers, John
  12. Interested to see how the CMK set fits.
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