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  1. From all reviews I have seen on this kit - it looks to be very nice.
  2. You can also try Exito from Poland. Their prices are very low on AK products, especially if you catch them on sale. Shipping to US is generally fast and reasonably inexpensive. Cheers, John
  3. Thanks for posting this - what a great resource of information.
  4. The longevity of the aircraft itself speaks volumes about its battlefield usefulness, just like its kindred ancestor - the A-1 Skyraider. Most modern military aircraft are multi-purpose machines, but sometimes to get the job done right, you need a single purpose specialty tool. On a side note, back in the mid 90s, I was stationed in Germany with MAJ "PJ" Johnson and got to hear firsthand how he survived a SAM hit during Desert Storm in his A-10. He was featured on an episode of "Wings" back in the mid-90s talking about that flight and how he helped to rescue a downed Tomcat pilot during
  5. I'm with you on this, trying to mask a continuous line with a consistent width of a human hair on a canopy seems a little risky.
  6. Thanks for the info about those decals, I will pass on them.
  7. I agree. Aires cockpit sets have great detail, but it seems like their engineers have never built a model using their products.
  8. What do you think is the best way to tackle the yellow canopy 'weather seals' that are typically seen on A-7s and other jets of that era? Furball released a canopy decal set for this kit, but they are hard to find.
  9. How long would you expect the Testor MM paints to last in their bottles? I went through a 20-year building hiatus and stored many dozen of the bottles in a box in a closet. When I got back into the hobby a few years ago, I rediscovered that box of paint. I was surprised to see that most still look pretty good. I was going to toss them but thought better of it. I was really disappointed to find that Testors discontinued that line of paint. On the plus side, I discovered AK's Real Color line and have been impressed so far on how well it sprays. Regards, John
  10. Hello Friends, I just stumbled upon www.trumpetershop.com and it appears to be Trumpeter's official website; however, their prices are extremely low compared to everyone else. This to me is a big red flag, as I am a believer of the old adage, "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is". Has anyone done business with this site? Take care and happy modeling, John
  11. Excellent work! A-7s are great examples of aircraft that are ugly and beautiful at the same time. Cheers, John
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