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  1. Very excided about Squadron's turnaround. Just received a news letter from them that they are revitalizing their Squadron Signal branch and are publishing books again - new Super Hornet In Action is out. They also said that they will be bringing back many of the old AeroMaster, Eagle Strike, and Super Scale decals. I hope that they do - those have always been my favorites. Cheers, John
  2. Proxxon requires a power converter to bring the voltage down from 220 to 110, right? I have heard that they are great, but if it requires a converter...I wasn't too sure if I wanted to make the investment. Regards, John
  3. Erwin, In my opinion, The Final Countdown is one of the best movies out there that features naval aviation. As far as paint schemes go, the hi-vis marking of USN aircraft from 1950s-1980s were indeed the coolest. Regards, John
  4. Dave, Thanks for posting - that is a beautiful A-4. I have done similar work on canopies for mirrors, gages, and handholds. Those were all hidden beneath the canopy frame and easy to hide glue marks. I am curious about replacing (or enhancing) the canopy frame itself with PE parts. I included a section of the instruction sheet for a PE set that goes with the Tamiya Storch. In this case, the instructions say to place it on the interior of the glass, but I have others that suggest putting it on the exterior. Any and all suggestions and personal experien
  5. Hello All - there are some great stories here. Like others, my Dad was a big aviation fan (and a private pilot) and took me to air shows and museums when I was very young growing up in Arizona. A highlight of those times was during the 80's at an air show at Falcon Field in which I had the chance to meet a childhood hero, Pappy Boyington. I still enjoy going to air shows today, but I will admit that air shows 20-30+ years ago were way more exciting than today. My last assignment in the US Navy was on board an aircraft carrier and it always thrilled me to watch flight
  6. If the replacement canopy doesn't work out, you can always model your Tomcat as a convertible. This is a photo of a VF-213 bird flying over NAS Fallon back in the early 2000s. They were giving a familiarization ride to their battle group air warfare commander (CO of USS Anzio and non-aviator) and went inverted. When upside down, the back seater grabbed ahold of the lap ejection handle and subsequently got some fresh air.
  7. A fitting place for Fozzy's work of engineering art. I have finally gotten my hands on a Monogram visible B-17G and will someday make a modest attempt at the bomber's interior.
  8. Hello All, Wanted to ask if anyone had experience using photo etch on aircraft canopies; in particular, using the PE canopy framing with the kit canopy. Aside from using the proper glue, what is the best way to do it? Seems to me that you would have to sand off the plastic frame, polish the canopy, paint the photo etch, then find a way to securely glue it to the plastic without marring it. Sounds like a lot of trouble, but is it worth it in the end? Any examples out there is 1/48 scale? I have a couple of Stukas and a Storch in the stash with the PE set
  9. Very cool Midas. Always thought it odd that the Russians would put a bombardier station on many of their cargo aircraft. Regards, John
  10. For all of you that airbrush inside the home, how well does your booth vent fumes outside? Any complaints from the family? I use a Peace Maker booth in my garage, but I also typically spray acrylic lacquers, which produce strong/harmful fumes. The only bad thing about the garage is that it is very hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, so airbrush sessions are not always comfortable. Regards, John
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