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  1. Hi There Goondman Thank you for the reply ref Tomcat decals I have them now a chap has done me a swop with some A-7 decals he was after but kind of you to offer. Many Thanks Craig
  2. Hi There Would anyone please have in there spares box the low vis decals for the F-14A Tomcat belonging to VF-84 Jolly Rogers out of the Hasgawa kit No 015326 Kind Regards Craig
  3. Still looking for these decals if anyone could please help. Kind Regards.
  4. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help has anyone please got going spare of the 1/72 Leading Edge decal sheet for the CF-18 the markings that go alongside the Canadian roundel RCAF /ARC on the nose. Many Thanks Craig
  5. Belgian Air Force one would be nice
  6. Hi There Would anyone please have In there spares box the RAAF decals out of the Italeri 1/72 F/A-18 Hornet kit No 1429. Many Thanks
  7. Hi There Wonder if anyone has any picture's of JG-71 F-104g Starfighters carrying I think Aim-9b sidewinder training rounds which they carried on the wing tips. I am of sure of the colour of them. Many Thanks
  8. Thank you for that Dutch couldn't remember the sheet number. Regards
  9. Hi There May be a long shot this but has anyone please got spare Norwegian Air Force 1/72 332 Squadron F-5 squadron badges ( The blue axe ). I believe they where on a old Microscale F-5 sheet and later done by Vingtor decals. Many Thanks
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