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  1. Just fixed the landing gears and partially painted. Will upload photos again once fully painted.
  2. So far there are 4 operators for the G550CAEW. RSAF and Italian Air Force seem to share identical antenna placements while the USN (in your photo) and the Israel Air Forces have different antenna placements which would need more research on my side
  3. Thanks for the compliment! Yes, that was the very first thing I considered, to create a conversion kit for Sova's G550 kit. I studied their entire G550 kit series in great detail, hoping to see if i could kitbash a G550CAEW out of them. Unfortunately, the closest I could get to the CAEW is to cannibalise the vertical tail of the Shavit model onto the civilian G550 and all other parts had to be scratch built. The challenge of making a conversion kit for the CAEW is that a large area of its airframe is modified so I figured it might be better off creating the entire plane in Sol
  4. Thanks for the compliment! I wrote to Amodel about collaborating for the CAEW kit. The representative said it'll take about 18-months and over USD10,000 develop the CAEW kit which I was seriously considering. They said they'll work out the exact cost and get back to me but they went silent thereafter so I think they're either not interested in the collab or decided to develop on their own. I tried the broplan kit before, bought 2 kits and gave up while building the first one. It was painful to build and the appearance doesn't look right lol. The model in the photo is 3D p
  5. Printing takes about 1 week since I only have time to supervise the printing a few hours per day. Thanks for your compliment!
  6. I'm sure everyone has heard of broplan's G550CAEW vacform model kit and perhaps Amodel's G550 series of model kits (which is better than broplan's imo). I guess it's taking too long for manufacturers to come up with a decent G550CAEW kit so I decided to 3D print my own in 1/72 scale (and in 1/48 scale also). Here's some photos of the first version of the model I printed, assembled and painted. Enjoy the photos and welcome the discussion!
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