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  1. I used Soviet Underside Blue (looked right to me), (can't find any more) to paint the cargo area of my Jayhawk. I noticed several places the spray didn't go. now trying to find the paint or FS# to finish the back, so, I can start with the detail paint. You PM me if you know the color. Thanks
  2. I think it is a built hasegawa 1/72 A-10, if you want it. I have too many
  3. Thanks for your reply and agreement with my intentions, Didn't put your name to this product line. ( brothers were avionics tech on AV-8B(VMA-214) and F-18D(VMA-242)). Great products.
  4. Really no place to display aircraft after it is built. So, selling a loose bagged 1/24 Airfix P-51 Mustang for $60.00obo, includes shipping. Decal sheet (British and American) was cut in half to fit in smaller box.
  5. Looking to sell a 1/48 Buccaneer by Airfix. $30.00 obo. Shipping included. Have a good weekend.
  6. Thanks for all of your responses, tail art would have been for single use. Keep searching Ebay.
  7. Also, people (myself included) using images of vehicles or aircraft without written consent of organization or official disclaimer. As the use of that image would give the perception of endorsement of the attached message or image. None the less, you all have a safe weekend.
  8. Yes, I did, word it wrong. I'm only wanted the tail art. only reference of the aircraft I could find at the time. That is what I heard, that some company would do subjects for a fee. So, that is what I was trying to find out. Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I have heard that other companies, that would do a subject for a fee or for your own use. (like finishing a 80% receiver for your own use is ok, but a crime if you sell it or even give it away.) Truth is truth, but the way as others see it,is what matters. Some modelers like th
  9. mario krijan Thanks for the offer. I was after option #2. I can get Twobobs version, but like you said, the kit is hard to find, (Found one for over $150.00, not into it for that much, continue looking). I was asking a honest question, cause I was not sure and I get a rude reply. If I had a laserjet printer and decal paper, I could just make a copy. I believe in integrity.
  10. Two Bobs made option 1, option 2 is the one I was interested in. The response from Storm, don't know how to take. I was asking a honest question, not being sure, as people make decals of police vehicles or copies of Aircraft nose art to make models for themselves. Or to remember a moment in time.
  11. Been looking to obtain the Hasegawa 1/72 F-16A "Dirty Diana " package with no luck. Wondering if someone can print off a sheet of the decals in 72 or 48? Since they are out of production, would that violate copyright laws?
  12. Yes, was attempting to snag a Mi-24 Hind cargo area kit. My prayers are with his wife and him.
  13. $10, and PM me your address. Think you will need anything else from the TA-7C (TARPS recon pod, landing gear,etc...)
  14. If you want, I have a painted TA-7C cockpit you can have???
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