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  1. Completed another sale with DANN, great price for 1/32 F-16I Sufi and quick shipping.
  2. What are the colors for the E Splinter camo? Thanks and have a good day.
  3. You told me, you were going to weigh the Sufi, to let me know what the total cost would be. Still available?
  4. Trying to finish my 1/72 Coast Guard HC-130. Anybody know what is the FS# color for the walkways on top of the 130?
  5. Would you accept $100.00 for the F-16SUFI?
  6. What happened to your intakes, anything left or release? thanks.
  7. Looking for a trashed kit or built kit for the nose landing gear parts. Looking for $30+ range. Not paying premium for a part donor. Thanks for your time.
  8. Cell phone takes bad pictures. PM your address I 'll send the whole model. for nothing
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