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  1. No problem, I'm just going to toss'em. Have a good day, God Bless
  2. Maybe a promo going on? Oh , I found the decals I was talking about in my F-4S box, why would it be there? Let me know if you want them, they are yours.
  3. It was marked like the other SP cars on the Academy. About the same room, as when my first department with the Impala. I had just enough room to sit comfortably. The suspect had to sit sideways.
  4. What did you want for the decals?Have a good weekend and God Bless.
  5. I just liked the fly overs and the falcon demo and that one flew away. Stay safe. and I'll be on the look out. The year you all got the pursuit Mustangs was cool.
  6. Me and my brother would hang (ask a butch of questions) out with the SP's at the games. I was pulled over (65-45) that year coming down the hill from the commissary. Must have called the front gate to have me wait for the cruiser. After my second retirement I moved to New England from Harrisburg, PA. It was a hole. Don't live where I worked. My family moved away from Colorado. All on the East Coast. Didn't want to travel to far. Might take a train out there.
  7. Crash Test, I'll try that idea of a longer soak in hot water, kind of set on those. Worse case scenario, I'll do one from the NY ANG(Syracuse) F-16, it was one of the units that used the GPU-5/A 30MM Gunpod in the Gulf. I got half of a falcon on the model, and then it bubbled. May be they are too old to use? I also had to drive a load of AIM-9 missiles to that unit. I wasn't told why, just, "your going on a road trip". They have cool markings. I was given a set of the Cobra tail markings used on their jets.
  8. I bought the 1/48 scale U"L timate Diana about 2 months ago. I was looking for these decals also
  9. 78 to 86, I left for the Air Force in 1986 from Denver. My Pastor has a house in that area. I was off of Dublin and N. Academy DR, just south of the mall. Love watching the fireworks being shot off Pikes Peak on the 4th and New Years! I was in AMMO and a C-141B Starlifter Crew Chief. You can tell what the rest of my career was after retirement. I was a medical retirement from my department in PA.
  10. In New Hampshire, are you talking about the "Night Falcon" or the "Diana Combo"? Have a good day, thanks for the response and God Bless.
  11. Don't want to waste another $40.00 on a kit , just to kit decals. What my brother does, except with Trumpeter 1/32 kits. Here is the actual aircraft. You buy chance , have the 1/72 F-16 "Diana Combo"?
  12. I think its from the F-5B boxing. I looked where my F-5's were kept and could not find them. I 'll check my spare decal stash. I grew up in Colorado Springs. Where area do you live. I lived closer to the Academy, where my dad coached football at the AFA Prep School. Good place to live and great scenery! I'll have an answer about the decals this weekend.
  13. I ordered a 1/48 Hasegawa F-16C (Block 40 No.1) "Night Falcon". I attempted to do the tail art first, The Falcon did not want to come off the after being soaked in hot water for about 20 seconds. I gingerly tried to move the decal and it would not move. I put it back in the water for about 4 minutes. Still didn't want to come off. While the decal was still in the water, I used a paint brush to slide between the decal and carrier film. The decal broke up to where the decal was unusable. I got a person that could do the artwork, but he needs a person t
  14. I have the version with the tiger head, you can have. When I can find the right box.
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