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  1. Hello, it's been a while I've been here, sorry for my absence. I'm tempted to do a version by modifying a airfix vintage concorde based on the pic showing the multiple wings and canard shapes page 6 of this document infrench: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/332231314_Vers_l%27avion_de_transport_supersonique_futur_JPM_4-ISP_31 The main issue being the dimension of the fuselage used for model (length, diameter). I can't find it, I haven't found any information of that. I need it because I think it might be wider than the concorde fuselage (tho unsure if the difference would be visi
  2. Hello, first sorry for my absence. I'm working on preparing my heller 1/100 scale concorde for a different paint color because the revell 99 doesn't work well with airbrush and I wonder if it'd be possible to apply a humbrol layer over a revell one. What I want to achieve: Thanks for your answers!
  3. I did the sanding quicker than I expected, time to sand the raised cheatline and air france flag.
  4. Hello, I've started the concorde some time ago, now I'm done sanding the underwing , it's the wing top that got issues, often when I sand it, I got cracks in my putty, meaning I have to add another layer, I start sanding the layer, other crack show up meaning again another layer of putty, this lenghtned the build a lot... The kit is from 1965 and represent the 1964 variant of the concorde (so a project), the livery will be a mix between both british and french prototype I modifyed the nose to make look more like the prototype source: https://cap-avenir-co
  5. Hello, for easter, I'll get the icons of aviation revell giftset "tiger meet" with the mirage 2000, this special scheme was in air doc no.9 on luftwaffe phantoms camouflage and special liveries, they said due to high cost of the colors used, they had to limit the tiger markings to the tail. I wonder if initially, they wanted to go for more, I thinkt hey wanted to go for more yellow and black stripes at first but had to reduce it to the tail, what do you think the first intended vision looked like? source: https://www.airhistory.net/photo/164789/3526 Thanks for your answers!
  6. Hello, now I'm tempted by the 1st tiger meet giftset from revell( I got the new one with the tornado and F16) because I already had an eye on it when I was a kid but seeing all the mirage 2000 kit innacuracies, i think it's be better for me to do a project/base it on wind turbine model but I can't seem to find any picture of them on itnernet so if anyone has one, please send it here. Thanks for your answers! Here's the box I want to get now:
  7. I use revell enamel, thanks for your help, it's working now, I could do he primer of my 747 landing gear.
  8. Hello, my model shop was liquidating due to them closing so I got there to get some model, thinner and putty, got out with 5 boxes, one of the being the revell tornado assta 3,1 at 1/72 scale (I got the tiger meet IDS at the same scale), planning on doing it as a what if prototype so I want to know more about the 3,1 upgrade development, what was added since it was first announced per example. I'm doing research and found 2 article from jully and september 2012. The one from september mention new chaff and flare dispensers when the jully one doesn't, I wonder why https://www.airforce-technolog
  9. it's a airbrush with a cup (not sure how to say "godet"" in english), I've test ed it after cleaning it, the thinner go through.
  10. I had bubles when I tested so I'm giving it a thinner bath then willclean it.
  11. Thanks for the link, I understand german somewhat. Note that I'm doing a what if, it won't be a accurate representation of 22 26. It wasn't wired because it was one of the earlier PFM they got, I've read they didn't got the GP9 until some time.
  12. Hello, not sure if I'll get an answer but I'll ask because today I've tried to use it to paint my 747 but couldn't because for some reason not much paint was going out, only filament of paint, is it due to the nozzle or something wrong with my dilution? I use Q tip to get to part the tissue can't get, I wonder if that's what's clogging it. Thanks for your answers!
  13. Hello, I know it's been a while since my last post, I'll be more active. While I won't do the AK interactive mig 21 I'm planning to get for easter as "740" (22 26 in a what if livery with the DDR marking still visible inspired by 22 39 with the tail marking being the german flag over the DDR marking, the configuration will be FFAR with GP 9 and JATO boost), I'll use the 740 marking provded for a what if export mig 21 MT using the eduard SMT at 1/48 scale. What do you think of AK interpretation is him being metal? From: https://www.super-hobby.fr/products/MIG-21PFM-16057143.html#gall
  14. Hello, I'll take the cutaway from revell for christmas and I wonder how acurate the interior is to a real SAS 200 (I don't think it is, hence why my interior will be a what if base on boeing brochure drawing and description from theairchive website). From this review https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/rm/kit_rm_h177.shtml The box: from https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-h-177-0240-boeing-747-jumbo-jet--104527# Thanks for your answer!
  15. Hello, new french member, not sure where to introduce myself but I'm working on a revell 747 8F. Since I do only what if/project and prototype, I based mine on a boeing render found on the boeing image secure website (I wonder if airbus has an equivalent). The kit is fine, but the worst part for me was the fan blade since somehow the modling quality of F40 was good but not F41 wich vary between kit (I got the cargolux facemask that I'll do as an advanced freighter who use 7E7 technology. First kit I'm doing with an airbrush so I have some issues
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