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  1. Way ahead of you, the order is in. Thanks for all the info, the garden hose comparison by ElectroSoldier is a great analogy. I would never have guessed that the pressure coming out of the airbrush could be greater than that coming out of the compressor.
  2. After fighting it for a long time I am ready to jump into the wonderful world of airbrushing. I received an Iwata Revolution CR .5mm for Christmas (thanks Santa) which I am planning on using as my general purpose airbrush (and might convert to .3mm when I get some experience under my belt). Thanks to my OCD (and having yet to fire my Revolution in anger) I am already shopping for a detail brush with a .2mm, e.g. Procon Boy PS-267, PS-270, Tamiya HG III SF, or Grex XGI2-ES which you can pick up for a reasonable price all in the neighborhood of $95-$115. H&S prices are no bueno in comparison
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