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    Stayin' alive! Modeling planes, cars, AFV's, the occasional boat. Fast jets, sci-fi, geopolitics, auto industry in transition, exploring Italia. The whanau back in Aotearoa.
  1. Thanks for your input! I've since realised I have Robert F. Dorr's "Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk", which includes 3-views of the FSD and production aircraft to 1/72 scale plus a color 3-view of the FSD #1 in that "disruptive blue, grey & sand pattern". This confirms the undersides in the grey, so that's how it shall be done! I'll upload some pics when the build is complete.
  2. Hi Andrew, that's a nice rendition of the "Have Blue"! I'm about to build a 1/144 F-117 (Dragon kit # 9904) as the first FSD a/c, 79-10780/ "Ship One" as it was painted for the first flight in June 81' - disruptive three-tone “pastel” camouflage pattern, comprising light tan, light moss green, and a darker tan, with three different shades of each color. I have enough pics of the upper surfaces, but nothing which clearly shows the undersides. Do you have any idea if the camo continued underneath or (more likely) was it grey? Any comments/suggesti
  3. The NEO 1/43 is a '73, so exactly the same as mine. Just need to justify the Euro 80-90 price! 05c 1974 Pontiac Grand Am 2dr 1974 (2016_12_18 08_42_26 UTC).BMP
  4. Thanks, did some more research and there's that NEO in 1/43 which would be OK, just have to paint it all white (mine had the burgundy interior, so that's good), plus I found a 1/25 resin body and interior tub from Dr Larry (Larry Belcher) in modelcarsmag. Just waiting for feedback from him.
  5. Yep,if you look at my stash on Scalemates you'll see the kit, otherwise just search - it's Lindbergh, not Revell, #72462, but the scale is 1/32 so wouldn't have helped your commission. Can you post details of the resin kit?
  6. Is that Grand Am a '73 or '74? I have the Revell '74 1/43 kit in my stash but my real one was a'73.
  7. She was definitely not in pristine condition, but a great cruiser. 410 ci of low rev torque, 3-spd auto which would upshift from 2nd to 3rd at 85mph!
  8. My BMF is well past storing in the fridge but that's a good idea if I buy more, thanks. Yes, Toyota certainly has max reliability, even owned an '81 Corolla lift once. Who knows, maybe someone will bring Holden back as a BEV?
  9. Noticed that after I uploaded the pic, it's on the"to be fixed" list 😉
  10. Living the good life!

    DSC_6951-01 sm.jpg

  11. Nice FC, Thommo, what scale is it? My list of "nice to haves" includes an FJ, EH and an EL Futura - all cars I've had in years gone bye. I'm a bit of a fan for dioramas, too, especially if you can design them to tell a bit of a story. Yes, BMF is a bit fiddly, isn't it? I think my sheets are too old now (majority have 30 years or so) and the adhesive doesn't really adhere. Pity GM killed Holden, at least Opel lives on under another hat.
  12. Grazie! Looking at some of those old builds reminded me how good the vision was 30+ years ago, to say nothing of the tactile precision! Oh well, that's life and, as my dearly departed mum was fond of saying "there's plenty worse off" so I'm not complaining. Nothing a good set of Donegan specs and some creative supports/bracing won't fix for the fine detailing. Here's a couple of pics of my 2021 builds. All 1/144; that Tu-142MR is really massive, isn't it?
  13. This is the model of the first car I bought when attending GMI in Flint, MI 1974-76. Purchased for $250 in August '72, complete with set of snow tyres & wheels in the (cavernous) boot, sold in August '74 for $250! Built the model first in 1974 but over the years (and many house moves) it was looking pretty sad, so I rebuilt it in 2020. Considering the real car was somewhat less than showroom, the rebuild attempts to show some wear, tear and the effects of 6 years running in Michigan winters. One of the taillight lenses was lost along the way so that was a scratchbuild, to which
  14. Hi Guys and Girls, Decided its time to join up after seeing the thread covering Philippe Chauvin's absolutely amazing diorama of Spangdahlem AB - really inspiring and executed so realistically! I'm retired in sunny Italy but am originally from Aotearoa/New Zealand via the US (2 years at GMI in the early 70's) and Oz. I received the modeling bug from my dad, who used to bring me home an Airfix kit each payday back when I was 9 or 10, mainly WWII aircraft at first (this was the 1950's, after all) , but then the occasional jet and into my teens a few AFV's (1/48 Monogram,
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