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  1. YOU FOUND THEM! You're my hero, Tracy! Thank you so much! Just put them on order (before they go away)! And the site is bookmarked. How come I never found this before? THANK YOU! Chris
  2. I think I'll wait for right now, Ben. Still in the lighting and structural work phase, and it's slow going. But thanks, I'll keep you in mind!
  3. Thanks, Tracy. I saw those. I was really hoping to find decals, but I'll have to make do. Cheers!
  4. Nothing for the 1:1000, but this is a great site that I wasn't previously aware of. Thanks much!
  5. This was a consignment kit that sat on the shelf at my local hobby store for a long time until I finally decided to buy it. Called the "Space Ship Set," the latest copyright date on the box is 1983. I built it straight out of the box with very little modification. I was fairly happy with the fit and the level of detail, though I did have to remove the embossed grid lines from the primary hull of the Enterprise. And the decals still worked, after nearly forty years! My best estimate of the scale is 1:2500 or so.
  6. . . . and then I look on Cult TV Man, and it's coming!
  7. Fun! I like this kit a lot, way more accurate than the old AMT kit. I just wish it had an interior with an option for an open door. Nice work!
  8. The nacelle caps look funky in the photo because it's washed out and it captured the colors that were lit at that moment. In person the effect is much better. It's the Tenacontrols item #TOSNC-18-RGB. Ralph has a better video online of how they look when operating: https://tenacontrols.com/product/18-inch-enterprise-rotating-led-bossard-nacelle-effect-kit/ Hobby Link International has some very inexpensive boards for the navigation and strobe lights. https://shop.hobbylinkinternational.com/product-category/lights-sounds/
  9. The 1:650 is my favorite. One of the drawbacks is there are no holes for the windows. And the raised outlines molded into the plastic are all wrong. You can simulate the windows with the decals included with the kit, but we want light! What I did was to apply just the window portions of those decals to the plastic before putting anything together. Then, using the decals as a template, I used my pin vise and a nice, new hobby blade to drill and carve out the windows. Takes a lot of time and patience, but to me well worth the labor of love.
  10. CultTV Man has the paint masks, but not the decals. Still, that's better than nothing. Thanks for the tip! Chris
  11. Hey, Goodeman, I'm new to the forum, so I'm sorry this comes late. But I feel your pain and wanted to reply. I'm no fan of the big price tags, either, and I don't have the space to store a 1:350 scale Enterprise! Plus, I've always been fond of the 1:650 scale AMT kit that those of us who grew up in the seventies built as children. So I stick to that scale, but I have to have lights as well. There are a few different places to go for reasonably priced lighting kits, but my favorite is Tenacontrols. They have a wide selection of electronics boards that com
  12. Hey everybody! New to the forum, so greetings and hope everyone's enjoying a good start to the new year. I recently picked up a Polar Lights 1:1000 scale Enterprise NX-01. Love this ship! I've built a lot of TOS and Refit Enterprises, but this is a new one for me. I wanted the 1:350, but I confirmed with a rep at Round 2 that they don't have any plans to reissue that one. Rats! My question: does anyone know if you can still get Aztec decals for the 1:1000 NX-01? I know that Acreation made a set, but they don't appear to be in business anymore. I've looked a few p
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