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  1. Lovely Double Ugly, Carl!! 😎
  2. Hehehe - one of these days I need to sit down and actually start watching that show on Amazon or Netfliks!
  3. Hmmm...I just need a 1/63 scale Wookie!
  4. Great idea! I've built those two OOB and the display is kinda neat!
  5. ROFLMAO!! I didn't see this until I just posted!!
  6. I never built any Finemolds kits but I hear they are pretty nice!
  7. Got the 25-odd pieces washed last night and started to clean up the plastic. Now, nowhere on this kit release on the box says that it is a snap-together! Only after looking at the parts and ACTUALLY LOOKING AT THE INSTRUCTIONS did I realize this. LOL So, before I removed too many pins, I put it together. I did see on one review that some parts are a bit loose, finding several good websites and internet photos to help build this. Not that it is going to be complicated. I do plan on opening up the viewing ports, adding a hand rail to the top, fixing the drive engine vents in the back, and tweaki
  8. Boy, they sure fooled me on the plastic! I thought it was kinda light but still. The box was more than twice the size it needed to be!
  9. I'm going to start with an AT-ST, since it was already open. I grabbed the small Snap-Together X-Wing for latter.
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