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  1. Heya guys, I'm just checkin in. I'm still kickin and yeah... that Army life haha... What's new here? Take care, Austin
  2. Looks good Patrick! Always a pleasure to see your work. I'll have to track down a copy. Take care, Austin
  3. Marc, check this out... HTH, Austin
  4. Okay, so while ARC was down, I did some research. Both on the Son Tay Raid (including the declassified AAR or whatever they called the AARs back then) and with the 281st Hueys (in support of project delta and other groups). I have chosen to go with the Huey. They used the UH-1D and the UH-1B to drop guys off. Edit: It appears that the UH-1B slicks have followed this sort of pattern: they started off ISO 5th SFG's Detachment B-52 as 145th Aviation PLT, combining with 6th PLT (gunships) to become 2/171st AV Company. the 171st was replaced by the 281st, who in early 1966 still used UH-1B slicks to drop off dudes, but started using UH-1D's in late 1966. It looks like somewhere in AUG 1966 they started painting 281 on the doors. So this diorama will be set in early 1966 with a UH-1B slick doing a drop off via rappelling. The two main references I have been using have been these two websites: http://www.281stahc.org/page2.html http://www.projectdelta.net/index.html Take care, Austin
  5. Thanks guys! Ray, I've been working on them for a while, no speed building here... Mason, thanks for drawing them up! Huey_crew_chief, thanks! I used FS 35237 for the grey, fs 34097 for the green and fs 34031 (army helo drab) for the olive drab. Joseph over at Fireball Modelworks printed up those decals for me along with my CO NG decals a while back, and they turned out very well. Moritz, I have some Vietnam era helo dioramas to do first, but I'm entertaining the thought of a "foreign service helo" theme for the following set of dioramas... Take care, Austin
  6. Absolutely stunning! Take care, Austin
  7. Soooo I finished these and when I went to post the pictures, the forums went down. Fun stuff. Anywho, here's to being back First up is the Hasegawa kit and some ArmyCast M&M resin as a Colombian Army Hawk. Next up is the Fujimi kit and some mods to make it an MH-60A with Floyd's decals. Take care, Austin
  8. Aight, so listen (read) up. Here's a spot to share your favorite pics/video/story/etc of the real deal or some models you built in the past. Inspiration is a beautiful thing. Pass it on, yo Anywho, without further ado, I'll start off with three builds that I'm probably entirely too proud of errr, that I've done in the past... Hope that inspires! Take care, Austin
  9. I'm open for suggestions. I was thinking of starting off with one of my five or so vietnam themed dioramas off with this GB. I have two ideas that are of SOF related. One is some dudes rappelling out the back of a UH-1B, although from the photo I have I can't tell what markings the helo has... The other is Banana 1! but really, it's from the Son Tay Raid... Anyways, tomorrow I'll post some inspiration, at least you helo guys will dig it... Take care, Austin
  10. YES! Also, planning on making anything else in 1/72, say like firearms? Take care, Austin
  11. ^second. Pretty sweet seeing rotors and *ahem* "misplaced rotors" flying together...
  12. Here's the two I found. I can't remember where I originally saw them. I believe they were only on AH-6's (not MH-6's) in Somalia... HTH, Austin
  13. Looks good Mason! Finished right before the start of the spec ops gb :) Take care, Austin
  14. Is this real life? Oh and Youngtiger1, the thread survives on my hard drive in screenshot form...
  15. Interesting... I wonder if they will/have reverse-engineered it to sustain parts for that long and/or build new ones... Take care, Austin
  16. Hahahahaha I loved that movie. Had some elements from classics, like "Manos: The Hands of Fate" and "Curse of the Swamp Creature" written all over it. Take care, Austin
  17. This is relevant to my interests... Take care, Austin
  18. That is beautiful! Also, thanks for mastering the cockpit, it is much appreciated Take care, Austin
  19. Sounds awesome! That timeline fits well with my schedule
  20. Heya Ray, The Huey is coming along very well. I agree that sometimes the way the kits are made, certain details have to be impressions instead of scaled versions. Love the scratch work. As far as vent PE goes and superglue goes, I mess that one up a lot too. My 'quick fix' is to lightly scrape an xacto blade along the PE part, holding it perpendicular to the surface. Lookin forward to more! Take care, Austin
  21. Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to starting some Vietnam subjects over the summer. Take care, Austin
  22. Where's the 'on' switch? Take care, Austin
  23. Beautiful! Nice to see follow-on success since we learned of the canopy trick! Do you have plans to beatify a MH-47 as well? Take care, Austin
  24. Where was this for my dio Looks awesome! Can't wait to see how it tangibly looks... Take care, Austin
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