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  1. Thats' just tits ! Did you print the decals ? and do you have any more of them ??? And more pix please :)
  2. Yea the stripes are freehand by airbrush :)
  3. This is by far the most colorfull F-5A Freedom Fighter that ever served in the Norwegian airforce. She was repainted for the NATO Tigermeet back in 1997 and retained the colorsceeme ever since. Today this jet recides at the RNoAF Museum in Bodø, Norway Scale 1/48th Kit: Kinetic Extras : Eduard photoetch, scratch, needles,pins, jammydog tape, Resin cocpit (Wolfpack). Decals , KAR-Decals (longe since discontinued). Vingtor and the scratch box. Paints from Games Workshop, Gunze and Vallejo
  4. Hi guys I'm looking for Airdocs AIRM3201 - 1/32 LUFTWAFFE F-4F PHANTOM II PART 1 - NORM 90J AIR DEFENCE CAMOUFLAGE If anyone has a spare or one for sale please let me know. I've been trawling varius online modelshops and also keep Ebay under close survalance. Also the "iron cross" and JG74 parts would help out alot.
  5. McDonell/Douglas F-4F ICE Phantom II , JG74 Bundesweer/Luftwaffe 2007. Tamiya 1/32nd scale kit. Eduard Brassin engines, Eduard photoetch, Quickboost Ejection seats and airscoop covers, Ejectionseat handles from fusewire. Own mix paints using Tamiya and Gunze acryllics, AK Metallics for the engine and rear fuslage. And the real jet (not my pic)
  6. please delete
  7. I'm calling this one finished and done. '48th scale Kinetic F-5a , aftermarket RF-5 modifications and decals from the one and only Vingtor. AK and Alclad metalizers varius other colors from the usual sources. So, this is my RF-5A, Royal Norwegian Air Force 336 recce wing. Rygge AFB , Norway, late 1970's
  8. The canopy for my F-14D in '48th has got a huge crack in it, anyone have a spare ?
  9. Ouch, that'a blunder ;) thanks for the tip ;) Lovely build, inspired me to drag mine back to the bench again. Ian. --- Coool :) It's a nice modell, I*m gettin a cupple more, wanna du a Czech one and something alittle more exotic ;) --- Very nice! I'm close to the painting stage on mine. Can you take a closeup photo of the tail? I would like to see how you did the little scoop on the right side. Were there any problems getting the canopy to stay open? I'l see what I can do. I'm outta town a cupple of weeks for work No problem on gettin the canopy to stay up, amazing what a little sup
  10. Finally got one done after a "dry spell" of a cupple of months Mig-23 MF, Trumpeteer 1/48th scale. Polish air force , 1992. This thing built up quite nice, not to much hassle and the parts fit was relativly good. Not to much to cry about at all. I just might do another one , this time from Czech airforce. Built OOB, no extras what so ever. Paints from Vallejo, Akan, Ak metalizer and Gunze.
  11. Finished build nr 2 for 2015 Trumpeter Mig-21 MF 1/48th , Polish Airforce This is the brand new Mig-21 MF from Trumpeter , highly enjoyable build, the decals are fine, although a PITA to fit all of them. there are over 100. No major fit issues, virtually no flash or ejectorpin marks I could find. There are alot of decal options for this kit in the box and as for the aftermarket out there aswell. There is a decent assortment of weapons in the box and also the details are very nice indeed. The decals for the cocpit is a waste, I just painted the thing and it looked better. Paints from
  12. We don't have a local distributor. I had to get this one off ebay to get it at all. There is one store that get's KittyHawk modells, but they are no distributor as such.
  13. I've been thinkin about it, but I don't have any Equipment for vaccuforming I'm afread.
  14. So I got the very nice lookin Gripen from KittyHawk, however the exitement was short lived . I noticed this crack in the canopy the outside surface feels smooth so I cant just fill it with future like I normally would. What you see in this picture is just a small portion of it , there is a simular crack on the other side. The front windshield is just fine though so it's just the rear part. I've emailed KittyHawk but from what people tell me i should not keep my hopes up for a response. So what do I do next. I don't wanna bin a 50 dollar modell and having a cracked canopy is not opt
  15. 1/48 , Special Hobby AJ-37 Viggen , F7 Saatenes Airbase sometime in the 90's. So I'm at it again, this is my second Viggen, I have made one JA-37 but this time it's the Attack/fighterbomber version. AJ-37 short for Attak och Jakt, in swedish translates to Attack and Hunt , and transcribed to make some sense in English would be figher and attack variant. Oh, enough trying to figure out the swedish language although beeing very close to my native Norwegian, still has its' idiosyncresies. (to a Norwegian ,Swedish sounds just wierd) This modell from Special hobby is more or less the same as th
  16. Thanks dude :) I wanted to brake up the monotone grey and thus this is a nice way to to just that. And it's also quite common to se jets, espessially well worn jets , with some variations in the panels
  17. It just tok some time and alotta microsol , but eventually I got i sorted. I posted the finished modell in the gallery , It turned out really nice :)
  18. Just finished this one. tarangus SAAB JA-37Di Viggen
  19. Been working on this all day today and she's done. The SAAB Viggen is an awsome plane and finally a decent kit is avaleble. Tarangus has as far as I'm concerned done a good job on this kit. It's not a shake and bake kit, not by a long shot. So I'd never recomend it for a modeller without some experiance. So what have I done with this one. I got a PE cocpit upgrade for this and I'd highly recomend it to everyone that conciders doing a Tarangus Viggen. It takes the kit to a whole new level As I got the Di - upgrade I had to ad some features and details. I've scratchbuilt 4 antennae
  20. Working the decals.. man.. I'm not gonna give Tarangus a thumbs up for these.. They curl up the wrong way and I'm having a helluva time gettin them to sit right. they are also very "stiff" soI'm using gunze mr mark soft in order for them to lay down like they are supposed to
  21. All set for the decals. I did some more shade on selected panels to brake up the monotone gray , now it looks better as far as I'm concerned. This will be 17-38 from F17. I originally wanted to do one from F4 as they have a cool pendant on the tail, but I did't have all the markings I needed so F17 is my 2'nd choise
  22. Yea that IP turned out really nice , it's PE from Maestro modell, it's just like a zoom set you get from Eduard, and they actually made this for Maestro/Rebellhobby/Tarangus (same owners I beleve). So you can imagine the quality. I really dont see the use for a resin cocpit when using this set. It's really,really nice.
  23. Cheers dude :) yea it's just some basic airbrush effects, next up is the decals before I start the fun part with washes and stuff. I'm curius though, I use your exelent build as inspiration for this one, but I cant for the bare life of me find refrances on arnement. Every single Di pic I've found thus far has been either "naked" or with a ACMI pod of some sort , and on those the pylons did't match with the ones on your jet. To me it looks like you've used LAU-128 but I cant find a single pic with those on a real jet. a Viggen witn slammers and 'vinders looks menacing to say the least. j
  24. got my vitts arround to make a building thread on this one. Cocpit more or less ready. Let's close it up and get ready for paint. still some work before we can start the paiting process , but we're gettin there. This will be a gray Viggen btw. I have two more in my stash and atleast one of them will be in camo. However I think the gray ones look way better espesially those with dayglow numbers on the wings and tail. I have some 2Bobs decals on the way so I will use them naturally. But other than decals , PE cocpit and some missiles from the spares box, this will be an OOB build. This i
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