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  1. Very interesting kit. It provides two kinds of decals, an convenient PE and metal tubes for hydraulic rods.
  2. Learnt on line Magic Factory is going to release a 1:35 Air Defense System It's said that the kit can be built in combat state or state in transportation. Its box art mentioning: 1.Precise appearance replica and simple assembly 2.Launcher and datalink antenna can be built to combat or resetting state 3.Metal hydraulic rods provided for convenient and firm assembly 4.Missiles provided for separate display 5.The kit can be made to Israeli or U.S. version
  3. I added wheels and combined wings with fuselage. They do not fit with each other well. So I did some trimming and add glue to put them together.
  4. The fuselage is a shoot too. It comes in two pieces. Very easy to combine together, but there is also big seam after fitting. After put the seat in, I glued fuselage.
  5. next is the wings, it comes in almost one piece, just need to add the other one. But the they do not fit together, so I trimmed some burrs and extra pins. It still not fit well, so I glued them! Much better now...
  6. The bomb...it has many scratches on surface, and there is a huge seam after fitting together! I tried to fill the gap, failed. I might try some putty later...
  7. Wheels built...a little bit weird, but it's less than $1.5 worth of wheels, I decided to forgive them...
  8. This is the interior details of the cockpit, including a seat, a control stick and an instrument board. Well, I never saw any kit with such blur details. 😅 But it's only $1.5 toy. What can I ask for more?🤔
  9. I decided to start from the toy-like BF 109. So after suffering from the torture of the shoot, I might get some sweet from the Willys. 😅 These are sprues and instruction. It's easy, so no need to read any words. Ignoring details and quality, I decided to build it as it is.😂
  10. Pre-warning: the BF109 kit is just a shoot, poor in everything! 😞 The other days, I came across a 1/48 BF109 and a 1/48 US Willys Jeep snap-fit and pre-colored kits in a flea market. They were being sold by USD3 together. Considering the price, I took them with me home. $1.5 for each, why not try? After checking inside again at home, I found the aircraft is a disaster, but the Willys kit looks ok. I decided to build them to get my $3's worth and share with you all. 😄
  11. Come across on other forums, another new brand from China, Magic Factory? It released a Chinese 1/350 PLA Type 055 Destroyer, snap-fit pre-colored...Not my cup of tea, guessing what will their next?
  12. I'm gonna buy a landing gear accessory for my Great Wall SU-27, and came across this one while checking on line. It was of a brand called Detailed & Wonder. It looks good from store photos. Did anyone ever buy and made it? Anyone has some recommendations for a good landing gear?
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