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  1. It looks like a really good kit. Nice work on your part too.
  2. Excellent! Great work on the vegetation.
  3. Are you not planning to paint the model?
  4. Small scale modeling at its best.
  5. Thanks for your response. It sounds like the book will satisfy my want for a modeling reference book on the B-24. Thanks again.
  6. I recommend Vallejo acrylics and Jo Sonja gouache paints. The Vallejo acrylics come in formulations for both air brushing and hand brushing. I have hand brushed both formulations successfully. The Jo Sonja gouache paints are kind of pricey, but they come in a large tube and will last for decades. They are somewhat brittle when dry, but they have a rich velvety sheen.
  7. I see David Doyle has two B-24 books currently in print . Both are available new for about $20 USD each. Are these good modeler's references? If not, what is recommended for around the same money and still in print?
  8. Why not just buy a new set of decals? 1/144 KC-135 decals should be easy to find.
  9. An excellent model from a kit that I have rarely seen built.
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