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  1. hey fellas, it's been quite a while since i was last on here. after a year hiatus (actually more than that) i have been getting my model bench back online. so after some "changes" that my wife made while i was gone, i no longer have a man cave, but i do still have my desk at least. so i decided to start up a new kit, even though i have other kits in the stash and an unfinished project. i just got on a WW1 aircraft kick, so i chose a scale (1:48) and went to the local hobby shop. seems the only guys to be doing these now are Roden and Eduard... i picked out an Ablatross DIII for about 35
  2. Hi, I am unsure since my computer doesn't allow me to view the photos. But I think most of the helicopters retained their original soviet colors up through the 90's. The only reference I can give you is to get the "Bush-War Hinds" decal sets from Lindin Hill. They have them available in 1/48, 1/73 and 1/35. There are two sets, part 1 and part 2. I recently bought the part 1 in 1/35 and there are about 7 or 8 different schemes with decals. Several are soviet-afghan war hinds and some are later versions (early to mid-90's) and their color references seem to be correct. They are pretty de
  3. Hi guys, wow it's been a long time since I have been on this site.... it's great to see it again. anyways, i am in need of some parts. so here it goes, and i am going out on a limb here... does anybody have, by chance, a broke or destroyed mi-24 Hind that they could cannibilize? yes, quite a ballsy question, I think. and yes I am referring to the big trumpeter kit. Well, I want it's wings and armament stores. I just hate to buy it (i know it's expensive) just to deprive it of it's wings. I have heard stories of guys loosing their models to "natural causes" and acts of aggression - you
  4. thanks guys for the kind comments. i can't believe i'm actually letting go of this cobra, but it is for a good cause i believe and besides.... there are plenty more big choppers out there to build! Cheers, Bon
  5. Hi all, I did a post last week about Mr. Randy Zahn (Former Cavalier 24) contacting me about a model Cobra that I built of his "Cindy Ann". Well, after emailing back and fourth with him I am happy to announce that he will be the new owner of my beloved Revell/Monogram AH-1G sometime next year. He offered money but I said that wouldn't be necessary and that a case of beer would do just fine He also said that he would take me up flying! So when the time comes, I will be handing over my "Cindy Ann" to someone who is far more deserving than I. Thanks for all the support. Cheers and happ
  6. Well, I emailed Mr. Zahn and this is what he wrote back... Ben,One of buddies, Walker Jones, sent me the link. I am not sure how he came across it but I am glad he did. I was really sorry to read about the loss of your father, Ben. I remember when my Dad died and the loss I felt. Just being able to pick up the phone and talking to him is something I took for granted. Not being able to do that now really hurts. Time eases the pain but the loss is always there. I am glad that you enjoyed my book and am pleased that you selected Cindy Ann for your build. She was a great aircraft. My crew chief a
  7. Hi Dan, thanks for the input. I have infact been trying to start the packet process with my recruiter back at Fort Bragg, but it is difficult as I am working in Kuwait as a contractor and I need to finish up this job before I can really get things going. Good thing is, the recruiter has actually been pretty helpful. Been trying to take the ASVAB over here but both the AF and Army education centers keep bulls*itting me because I am a civilian. Either way, I have plenty of time to study for the exam and not to mention the AFAST. Maybe since you're in Germany, you could sweet talk those goon
  8. Yeah I figured that gun pod would look a little weird, but I still think it looks cool! Never been to scale rotors, I'll have to check that out. If you liked these pics, then maybe you'll enjoy these! --- links http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal8...Nielsen/00.shtm http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal8...Nielsen/00.shtm http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal7...Nielsen/00.shtm http://www.hyperscale.com/galleries/2002/ah6bn_1.htm Enjoy! Bon
  9. Hi guys. Thanks to EVERYBODY for the awesome responses and kind comments. This is what modeling is all about. I have emailed Mr. Zahn and I will keep this posted with his response soon enough! Chief Snake and Floyd - I think it is very cool that you both donated your Timujin Ship and Cindy Ann models to the Timujin ship crew chief and cindy ann crew chief Marshall Maring aka "Bones" I can't think of anything that these old crew dogs would want more than that. I know Mr. Zahn would be more than pleased as well. Tank - in answer to your question about the innaccuracies.... Well, Ra
  10. Hi folks, Fellow rotorheads, I thought you might appreciate this. I did indeed recieved an interesting email out of the blue this morning. It had the common title; ya know the usuall "Message from ARC discussion forums" - your ah-1 cobra build. I just figured it to be another, "hey I really like your model on aircraft resource center - blah blah bla, yaddy yah yah" that was the case until I saw the signature line of the sender... Signed, Randy Zhan Cavilier 24 If you don't know who he is, do yourself a favor and go read 'Snake Pilot' At first I was somewhat skeptical of wheather i
  11. Thanks for the comments everybody. I leave on Sunday, but I will still be hanging around the forums, just won't be building anything over yonder... or will I? Bon
  12. Hi John.... haha of course she aught to be able to get off the ground. according to the huey walkaround, the N model could hold up to a dozen people including 4 crew and 8 troops. actually mine only has 7 troops cause I deleted one due to fit issues. speaking of RED DAWN, here you go : http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal8...Nielsen/00.shtm Enjoy and thanks for the comments Bon
  13. that looks great. did the A model have a flight engineer as well as pilots? it looks like their is room for two crew in the pilot compartment. looks great. Bon
  14. hi shark, it will be desert camo, but i am still waiting on linden hill to get the decals to me, hopefully before i leave on sunday. once i get those, then i will decide on either the brown and tan, or the green and tan. i really wish i could finish it though. i hate leaving right in the middle of a builld. i think we can all agree on that yeah i'm going to the sandbox, but as a civilian this time 'round. I will keep posted progress when the time comes. thanks for your comments. Bon
  15. Greetings all, Once again I am building yet another huey.... of course, many more are on the way This is the Panda 1/35 kit. Was building it for the 'What-if GB' but it was over midway through my build. Anyways, the kit continues. Can you guess the scheme? Surprisingly, this has got to be the EASIEST huey I have ever tried to build. The Panda kit is very lacking, mind you, but the thing goes together so well it's ridiculous. There is virtually no extra flash or weird mold discrepancies. Everything fits really well, it's almost toy like. What I don't like is the lack of interior de
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