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  1. Ok it is finally complete after lots of putty and shaping. Added some thread for a rappel line. I made a stupid mistake of not repainting the the center console after sanding it for clearance doesn't look terrible but it does bug me
  2. Oh my goodness the fitment on this kit is absolutely awful. They should include a whole tube of putty.
  3. So I put the build on hold as i waited for the crew members to arrive. Here is one of them. I went with a multicam paint
  4. Just received the kit in the mail today. Thanks for info, i didnt know about that difference.
  5. Ok so the build has officially begun for the USCG H-60. At least for the figures. First done is the swimmer and flight mechanic. Pilots are on their way still Here is a photo of the swimmer.
  6. Good afternoon everyone, The purpose of this post is to inform fellow builders of some new information. KittyHawk kit #50002 is a little bird with benches for operators to sit on. #50004 is the same kit but includes the figures. As kittyhawk has been discontinued they are hard to come by. I have seen #50002 for as low as $75 however it comes from China. US based kits are in the $100 range. Somehow I discovered a build site that describes how kit #50003 which is a missile/gunship version also includes the benches and necessary pieces to convert it to a #50002
  7. 😬 Been airbrushing in a 10x11 room at a desk near a window for about a year. no ventilation. just open the window and set up some cardboard for the overspray. Maybe I should get a little fan to bring in some fresh air hahaha
  8. Hello all, I am search of 1/35 scale Pilots and Special forces crews. I have found some on ebay but they ship directly from china. One company makes them in Spain but are a little over priced in my opinion. Does anyone have any info or resources?
  9. yes it is an italeri kit 1/72 scale. Also looks you got the same 1/35 scale kit as me. Mine is still in transit. Very much excited for it!!!
  10. I have 1/48 scale B17, 1/144 C-17, 1/144 AC-130 waiting to be built. I will be posting progress photos of a 1/35 HH60J Coast Guard Helicopter that is due to arrive in June. I have started collecting decals and paint. It will be converted from a kittyhawk rescue hawk model kit.
  11. Ken Miles' Ford GT40 1/25 before and after weathering
  12. This is an academy 1/35 Cobra attack helicopter. One of my best pieces
  13. This is a 1/72 italeri hh60j coast guard helicopter. Called for the orange and white paint scheme, but built this in the historic yellow edition.
  14. Revell 1/48 P-51D. Painted to be a blue nosed bastard of Botnia
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